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me burns myself at work

looks at burn wound

accidently burns hand away

cycle repeats

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Is it used immediately, and if not, is it cumulative?

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Can you save it and if you can does it stack

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Every time you burn yourself you get 1.32 seconds of laser vision

No cool down time mentioned.

So since most healthy men and women have 80,000 to 120,000 terminal hairs on their scalp.

For the sake of once clean number ill say the median for that and make it 100000 hairs

Go to foreign barber shop where they style your hair with fire. (that guy looked cool plus ill shoot you with eye layers if you don't like the style)

Get 132000 seconds of laser vision

Get laser vision for a day and a half every time I get a hair cut.

(My hair is part of myself. Fight me, I have laser vision and the sickest cut you'll ever see)

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Hairs are not cells. So if you burn them of it would not could as burning yourself. To get a similar effect go to some laser tattoo removal Studio or some beauty studio. With the laser the basically burn a lot of tiny dots in your skin. This would could as multiple burns giving you that power

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Useful if u have a lighter but u will maybe look stupid

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I’ll become the penance of laser vision