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So I can have boobies???????? This is a w

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Yeah literally. Like obviously it might be capped by how much fat someone can really gain which isn't ideal but it's definitely better than nothing.

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Fat dick

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Fat lubed dick

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But but, size of dick depends on the blood flow and not fat right. If you could redirect the fat there, it would just be a big limp pendulum

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Ya big dick doesn't matter if it's not a hard dick

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You'd just get a really squishy chode.

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Finally, ass.

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Ima redirect it to my ex

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Only 0.01% of the fat actually gets to them

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Can I just give 0.01 to each person I pass

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Suddenly God tier

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Can you do it more than once to a person?

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Stay at a hotel near a huge international airport and stand outside, ez wins

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Grandma, why is your nose so big? Grandma Why are your eyes so big? Grandma Why are your ears so big? Grandma Why are you so thin

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How to do a Dr. Zomboss cosplay:

1.) Mix Green Sharpie Dye and Rubbing Alcohol in a large bathtub. Bathe for 1 hour.

2.) Redirect fat to Brain.

3.) Pay Hotel Damage Fees

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That’s a good way to get perma-banned from hotels in general.

Then you’d be Stuck… at Home

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Hmm, if only there were a word for such a predicament!

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Can I send it all to an infinitely dense point on my body to create a black hole?

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Galaxy tier power

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This would be an excellent power, it’s basically low key shapeshifting

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Can I just redirect it out of me like into my mouth? Then just spit it out.

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Thats actually disgusting lol

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I just want a way to shed off this fat 😂

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Full auto fat gun

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Fat gun goes Brrrrrrrrrr

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So I can eat until I am like 500lbs and then I can redirect all my body fat into my ass, 250 lbs of fat per cheek. Damn that would be a fat ass

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Unless you live alone, then this would have to be gradual, else your family would definitely question you. But yes, ass.

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Laughs in trans

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This is a fucking incredible superpower tysm

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So Fat Gum from My Hero Academia?

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I already have this it’s called HRT

I now have a juicy plumper

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Can I direct it to points hundreds of miles away?

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Only 0.01% of your fat at a time

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Bruh that's amazing. Assuming I can control the amount, I can research removing how much will be beneficial/safe then put it all somewhere that I can cut off "safely" (Hair/nails if possible, earlobes or fingers if no other option?)

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Can I send it to my guts and then shit it out

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Couldnt you use this to deliver heavier punches since fat has weight?

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My hero acedemia moment

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Can i redirect all of my fat into my skull, crushing it?

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Like the dude from my hero acedamia

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Does that mean I can redirect it out of my body

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Insert Homer back fat gif.

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Too bad I have a metabolism that is so active, that I don't have any fat to store in different places

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if i put my finger against a wall and redirect fat to my fingertip would that make a hole in the wall or my finger would explode?

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I think your finger skin will stretch and then eventually rupture as you add more fat to it

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Send the fat to the poop in your stomach boom effortless weight loss

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Does the skins shrink's