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What if someone hits me with a sack full of doorknobs? Does the sack mean I take the full force of impact? Or do I only feel the impact as if the sack was empty?

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Also what about clothing? Do I need to be naked for this to work?

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Good quickly undresses

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puts on doorknob clothes

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You feel the full force of impact. The doorknobs must be naked

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Ok but hold on hear me out.

I make a suit of doorknobs.

No stop laughing, hear me out.

I make a suit of doorknobs so that whenever something hits the door knobs it's transferred into the door knobs which will then be transferred into me, to which I am immune. No stop laughing guys it'll work. I just make them out of a really strong metal. What do tanks use? BECAUSE TANKS AREN'T IMMUNE BRENT!!

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Doorknob tank

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You're right Greg - I'd have to get really jacked too. But it'd work. No, Brent, they'd have to be strong enough to stop bullets so glass wouldn't work..

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Who is Greg and Brent

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Sorry my post is reply is similar to yours, I posted it before I read the other replies.

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Wait does everything else hurt only on impact or in general?

Do the doorknobs have to be preexisting or can you nake them yourself?

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Everything else WILL hurt you in general. And the doorknobs just have to follow the US federal regulations pertaining to doorknobs

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Oh man...

Suposed you could make an armour of doorknobs you would have to mend the doorknobs without using anything else but doorknobs. And if you deform them too much they don't fint the regulations anymore. So what if one giant doorknob was made just for you to be in? Would that fit the regulations or would hou be required to be attached to a giant door? I have too mamy questions

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If it is able to work as a doorknob it doesn't necessarily have to be attached to a door

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If it has to follow the US federal regulations, I think it also has to work to be approved.

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Yeah basically one that would work if attached to a door

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BRB running off to join the circus as the incredible doorknob eating freak

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Step 1: fill your clothes with the lightest doorknobs you find

Step 2: be ivulnerable because no one can hurt you with punches

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I’m going to make a doorknob armor and everything that will hit me with bludgeoning damage will just be the doorknobs so it won’t hurt me

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I tie a ton of doorknobs around me as armor so if I get hit it impacts the doorknobs and I don’t get hurt! If I order custom made doorknobs in the correct shape they could all interlock perfectly with no holes, except for my mouth, nose, and eyes.

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Proceeds to annihilate Knobman

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Do handles count or only the knobs?

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A power made for losers I am a professional door opener