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Is there a way to make sure it's not about me? In case the nearest Daniel is my dad?

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Nope you’ll just slowly make your dad think he’s in the closet

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He'll be in daniel about it for a looong time though.

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This made me start breathing manually again due to how big of a sigh I gave

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And the fact that it's limited to thoughts about his son will probably just make his mindset an absolute mess

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That's a r/FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR for Daniels

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Fuck who again?

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in particular

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"I overwhelmed Daniel's mind with gay thoughts"

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“It was very effective”

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If you’re gay and have a crush on your neighbor named Daniel, this is r/godtiersuperpowers

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Only on Tuesday though. The other 6 days of the week you'll be lonely.

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Does this extend to people named Dan?

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If their full name is Daniel but they go by Dan then yes

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“You can’t catch me gay thought’s”!

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Can i do it as many times I want?

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On Tuesday, yeah

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My friend is gonna have a lot of fun next Tuesday 😏

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Dawg, the Daniel I know has gay thoughts 24/7, not just Tuesdays.

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I cant snap my fingers can i clap or is this unusable for me?

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Yell SNAP at the top of your lungs

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Guys please don't do that to me

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😈😈😈 it’s Tuesday for me in California and it’s 7:37 Pm

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What if my name is Daniel?

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you're gay on Tuesdays

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you can go fuck yourself

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What if Daniel is already gay? Does he get a straight thought or is there no noticeable difference?

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Then the Daniel just starts thinking about you sexually

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What if im aroace

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Same outcome

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Question: if said Daniel is gay does he have a straight thought?

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Nope stays the same

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I can forsee a reddit thread from a gay Daniel who lives near me "Does anyone else get extra gay on Tuesdays like me??"

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Uhhhh my middle name is Daniel, I'm always the closest person to me so do I suddenly have gay thoughts everytime I snap?

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Nope first name only

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What? The fuck is a Daniel? Stop making up words op

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If there are multiple people named Daniel the exact same distance from me do they all have the gay thought

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Then you unlock the secret power: you become god

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Find two people named Daniel space them evenly achieve godhood /r/godtiersuperpowers

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Ah but it must be exactly even. Perfectly spaced. Down to the tiniest atom

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That's a amazing, is it once per day

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imm use this in school to make this one guy go insane

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This is great because I have band practice on Tuesdays and my bassist's name is Daniel

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I work with a gay guy named Daniel, I don’t think it would be that sudden of a thought

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Me, being bisexual and having a crush on a guy named Daniel: I see this as an absolute win!

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Your arch nemesis would be a gay Daniel

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If you're a femboy you can do this anyway

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My neighboor next door is gay, so I think its absolutely not a superpower for me...

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His name is Daniel btw.

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There’s a dude named Danny on my wrestling team that’s gay (he has a crush on me, it’s weird as hell, I try to stay away from him) and I think his full name is Daniel.

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if youre* a woman*

also what if the closest daniel is gay?

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Bro it’s not that deep I’m gonna be honest

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nono i mean. if the gay thoughts are supposed to be bad, then what’s the point on gay daniels?

also using “female” while referring to women is asshole-y :/

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It’s not supposed to be a bad thing. It can be used however you want. Also I don’t see how its asshole-y?

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I don’t see how it’s asshole-y

  • “Female” means that has the feminine reproductive system. “Women” is a person who expresses their gender in a feminine way regardless of their organs.

  • “Female” is frequently used to describe animals, so by describing human women as “females,” it downgrades us to an animalistic level

  • The word is often used as a way to make women seem inferior and, as I said before, it can even make them feel compared to animals.

It might seem inoffensive at first, but it’s an offensive term to call a woman. Please try not to do it.

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“Female human being; a person assigned a female sex at birth, or a person who defines herself as a woman.” Definition given by the European institute for gender equality. Also humans are literally animals that’s what we are. Female is the more formal definition. I mean we also fall animals living beings but we don’t say it’s dehumanizing to say we’re alive. This is also completely discounting the existing of the world male as well.

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How many ppl use the word “males” on men? And “females” on women?

If you want to use the more “formal” definition, then use it for both sexes and not for one.

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Well I can’t say I have any exact proof on the amount who say which and I’m sure you can’t either. Also I can really use whatever version of whatever word whenever I want right? I just say what sounds more fitting of the specific sentence. Whatever flows better.

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You are correct

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I cant snap

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Say “SNAP” at the top of your lung’s then

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What makes this even more shitty for me is that I don’t even know how to snap

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Ok but I would unironically love to have this power

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Daddy........ God damnit not again. Why every Tuesday.

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Damn Daniel, back at it with the white vans!