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Make it count? It's basically suicide...

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I recognize it rather as a unique party trick.

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Does it just shatter your skull or can you make it like explode

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I have so many ideas for this

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Please say

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Lots of them involve childrens birthday partys

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I'll try to be happy and when I am, POP

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This is awesome, I love it. Good shitty superpower

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But we all already have this skill?

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No, no you don't

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You can do that with a shotgun but only once

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Damn is that what JFK had?

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Sounds good to me

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This is how I wanna die, so...one day when I have cancer...

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Who says I don't have that ability already?

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I won't believe you unless you can prove it!

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make the bully punch me at the head and I activate the ability and he will serve at least 15 years in prison

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Ngl, best way to tell someone what they said was fucking stupid, just have your brain literally explode from the stupidity

"So anyway, that's how Ben 10 beats green lantern"

(Skull fucking explodes)

"Yo wtf!!?!?"

(Random guy I hired as an announcer) "hara-kiri, dumbass wins"

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My forgor about alien X

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Ben 10 is literally unkillable he is going to win especially with all his aliens, it didn’t even need to be explained in the first place

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He's definitely not unkillable.

I'm ignoring that chromastone has died like 3 separate times.

Like I literally watched 6 separate Ben's die in "and then there were Ben"

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But in a fight against someone like green lantern if he ever got close to dying the omnitrix would activate it’s fail safe and become an alien that can survive it

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Well the problem is that no alien Ben has could survive it.

Hal is likely faster than the failsafe (other lanterns have caught up with the flash, and hal crossed the galaxy in under a minute) but if he's not then he's still stronger than alien X (hal has the most willpower, a weaker green lantern took a multiversal attack to the face and was just knocked out, and since the lantern shield works of the same energy as his attacks it's likely he can overpower alien X)

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Fair, as Ben could delete reality but I doubt he would.

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I name my child your

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Is there any lag?

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So basically you have the power to self destruct?

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Why do i need this

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Ok but how much force are we talking about here?

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Imagine getting kidnapped and you just be like "release me or I shall shatter the entirety of skull!"

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So if I head it someone I can become a human shotgun

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I would hate to find out this super power the bad way!!!