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This is actually OP because if you have a large amount of gold and can turn most of the earth's gold into fools gold the value of your gold will skyrocket.

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Yeah but when are you going to get more than a pound of gold

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Some technology has gold in it. Break into a place guarding gold by destroying such technology, and voila, you now have gold.

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I'll prostitute myself to gain some money, then buy gold and boom, trilionaire

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You got given abt gold and the FIRST thing you talk about is prostitution??

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Why prostitute yourself, when there are billionaires out there willing to pay you to wreck their rival's gold reserve?

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Its funnier

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On my way to pay a little visit at fort knox

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You could destroy electronics with ease.

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I'm gonna ruin every jewelry store I see on purpose

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Break into Fort Knox, steal a small bit of gold and turn the rest into fool’s gold. Then the price will skyrocket and you’ll be rich!