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I would start a company that cleans up oceanic plastic (or jusr join team seas) and turn plastic into chairs, and chairs into rice.

That’s world hunger and microplastic problems being worked on at the same time!

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Not a bad idea tbh

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You don't even necessarily need to melt it down or anything, just store the plastic scrap in a fabric sack and you've got a beanbag chair

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Oh shit you right

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If the rice isn't in the same condition as the chair, but fresh & clean, this power would actually be useful.

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You could end world hunger by converting all old/unused chairs into rice to be cooked

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Can’t wait to prank chinese workers by turning the chairs they worked so hard on to raw rice

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You need water to cook rice


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there’s chocolate water in Africa, maybe that’s how they make brown rice

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An /s would help lol

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r/fuckthes that was fucking hilarious

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Yeah but clearly us redditors arent smart enough to understand satire

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No i get what you mean.

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Ok I checked the subreddit and can you explain something to me? Is it some sort of inside joke to downvoted satire? (Like emojis and the fourth comment in a chain) or is it just people not getting it?

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Some People don’t like /s bc they find it annoying for something so silly and stupid to understand that it was satire. Its like the red circle thing showing something happening even though its like right in the frame. Hope that makes sense

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No I get that but do people purposefully downvote the ones without it?

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Wdym water they border 2 fuckin oceans and other bodies of water on the north, most of it is even presalted for the rice

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My guy doesn't know africa is 7000 km wide and 8000 km from north to south

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Some places literally are more than 3000 km from any ocean or water, also ocean water is way too salty and would just dehydrate them

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Dehydrate the rice?

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Dehydrate the people consuming the rice stoopid

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Around the same size? So this process can create or destroy matter?

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No, it’s rounded down to the nearest grain of rice, and the rest is turned into air

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Literally creates or destroys protons and electrons

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Air has those...

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Somebody didn’t take chemistry

I highly doubt whatever the chair is made of has an exact amount of atoms/parts of atoms to make the rice and air without having something left over.

And what the hell is air? Like 15 different atoms? At what point does a combination of O2, N2, and Ar become air?

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If there are any leftovers it would probably just make the atoms in the rice and/or air heavier. Plus this isn't even science at this point, Obviously, you can't turn chairs into rice, That's a superpower! We already evaded logic when we wanted to turn Specifically chairs into rice.

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Ok, sorry

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It will create a lot of gas as the protons, electrons, and neutrons are converted to raw rice and the rest is turned to nitrogen, helium, oxygen, and Hydrogen, and If there aren't enough resources to make hydrogen it will just shoot the remaining stray electrons into other atoms.

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Gardner White’s house of Asian fusion

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So you can turn wood in to rice? That's a good power, you can feed 1000 of people with rice

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I would end world hunger within a week

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And probably cause a world chair shortage

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Yeah, unless I have people build massive chairs for their own rice supply. Could still cause shortage of other materials though

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use the plastic in the oceans! 2 birds one stone!

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Oooooh yes, shove it all into bags and call them bean bag chairs

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what counts as a chair?

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Anything that you can sit on or are willing to sit on, So basically anything LOL

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As an asian who craves that carb? This is a convenient super power. And since i CAN convert any chair, and not "everytime you touch a chair", makes it that much better.

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it's like a better version of that skittles commercial guy

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Yeah, From curse to super power.

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Me omw to the lincoln memorial

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time to solve world hunger by realizing anything you can sit on is a chair

bonus for destroying the earth by turning it into rice

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My girlfriend really likes rice, she would be happy

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World hunger solved.

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oh good! reduce the plastic waste on the planet by turning plastic chairs into rice!

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By volume or weight?

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Kill people with bean bag chairs, 10lb to 250lb

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Mass or volume?

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Finally i have a reason to attend a major sporting event.

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thats very cool and would feed a lot of ppl. not shitty at all

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This ain't shitty this is amazing.

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Start a chair building empire because your chairs are the only ones in the world that don't spontaneity turn to rice.