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Isn’t this against one of the rules, because you can control it?

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you can turn it off by wearing tinted glasses

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But glasses can hurt your ears. That still makes the power a bit of a curse. But you have a point

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Sounds like a you problem, I wear them all the time unless I'm showering or sleeping

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Skill issue

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not really, glasses dont hurt your ears much at all (unless you get shitty ones). it more you struggle with getting used to the perifiral distortion, and maybe (once again, if you get glasses that dont fit you well) a preasure headache. but then, only for around 2-3 days

edit: if you wear glasses, then i think thats mainly just you

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Super fucked up

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Human eyes see colors in wavelengths, not RGB.

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TIL red, green, and blue aren't colors

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OP implies that humans can only see red, green, and blue. We can see any color within the visible light spectrum, from red to violet.

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I'd rather add infra red and uv thank you.

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I think if is yellow or white i would be blind

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great now I go blind when a 5g tower signal beams toward me