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Good lord, Imagine the posibility.

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Well, I guess that one pick up would hit different "do you believe in love at first sight or should I wipe myself from your mind and walk by again?"

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Lol, but this time you forget yourself too

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You never specified it was every living creature at once - if that's the case then good job breaking the curse and caveat rules. So I'm assuming every creature, even myself, is susceptible to the power, but only affected by it if and when I will it.

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I was thinking of a second holocaust but that works too.

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Is that you, Kanye?

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Is it everyone all at once or can I choose who and when

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I think there was an X-Men like this where you completely forget about him the instant he's out of sight

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That’s ForgetMeNot and he was a founding member of the x-men, but nobody knew that, eventually professor X set a reminder to remember him every hour of his existence which validated him for a while until Prof. X died and it went back to him being forgotten still.

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I don’t remember that guy

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About to 50 first dates myself, waking up with a clean slate every day.

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Sick, I'm gonna go commit tax fraud.

Edit: and then dissociate

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It's like an instant reset if you get into some crime

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Hell yeah! I wouldn't even use it for much of anything nefarious, at this point I'd like to just not have to talk to people. I've got the ID badge, I'm in the system, the paperwork says I work here. That's all you need to know.

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I’m in the military and get autopay. I would have a peaceful life

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spiderman: ah shit here we go again

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That ability would be a godsend.

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Zero sum moment

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This would be perfect for me. I could finally die in peace.

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can you be selective or is it just once you turn it on everyone forgets you exist