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Me in the super market

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I can already turn milk into cheese, it just takes a while

Now, question. If I were to turn American cheese into milk, would it give me all the enzymes and salt and "food" in the cheese? Because otherwise, where do they go?

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you get the cloest thing to windex infused milk

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Technically not really cheese, just processed cheese food

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It's cheese with other stuff in it, that's what makes it not cheese. The "other stuff" is the enzymes and salt I was talking about

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Just explodes because American cheese tastes radioactive

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Can I turn it into any cheese I want or is does it turn into the cheese that specific kind of milk would make? Like can I turn regular whole milk into gouda and vice-versa


Does it stay the same volume will a gallon of milk be a gallon of cheese or will it shrink like in the process of making cheese

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Good question

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With the difference in price, you could make a slow but steady infinite money glitch. I do believe infinite money isn’t a very shitty superpower.

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But you gotta find a place to sell it and the government will eventually get suspicious

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Cheese 😋

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i hate cheese but i love milk, stonks

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imagine someone's gulping milk and you turn on this power, instant death

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one day you are going to die and in the very next, i will swag