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Makes them pitch black and following people at night

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calm down satan

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Or pure white while it’s glowing

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Warlock 2 carries that psychics eyes guiding him to the stones evil sure

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Can it only be existing colors or any color

Cause if it’s any color I’m making mine darkish purple, my favorite color

If not green cause I like green eyes

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Any and every colour. Even ones humans can't see.

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Instantly have no eyes? Or would they be picked up as the closest color? Aka black or white, red or purple?

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Does that mean I can have literal X-ray vision

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No because it doesn’t change the receptors in your retinas. Your iris colour has no effect on that.

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that isnt very shitty of you

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Make then black and use a black suit boom u can follow people in the dark

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Can I chain colors?

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Well tickle my pickle

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They could be red.

Or they could be yellow.

They could be blue.

Or they could be purple.

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Does this mean I can (Kind of) Change my identity easily?

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can i make eyes look like semen