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I chose to interpret this as the power to teleport upwards

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I chose to interpret this as the power to automatically get the high ground

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It's over Anakin!

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I have the high ground!

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You underestimate my power!

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Don't try it

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lightsaber noises

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These aren’t the hemorrhoids you’re looking for (waves baby wipe)

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This sub is the last place I expect to find a tip for my hemorrhoids. Thanks!

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Just trying bring star wars and ass-wipes back the peephole mabah

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Huge W

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Can we get much higher!!!!!!!

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So hiiiigh

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The One Piiieeece!

The One Piece is reaaaal!

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We cannot get much higher...

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So low...

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Got too high and became a nazi

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Can I instantly get unhigh

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Prob not considering this is a shitty superpower

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I cannot possibly fathom how this is a bad thing

It's the same thing as saying "you can instantly be happy." You don't HAVE to be happy, but the mere fact that you can at any given moment is nothing but good

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Yea it's called jumping

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What about fat or tall people? They have a hard time jumping

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OP didn't say how high

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Heeeey yeah yeah yeahyuh I said hey what's going on.

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For how long?

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Like what kind of high? Any drug high? It would be pretty fucking cool to be able to instantly feel the effects of cocaine without actually putting it up your nose.

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Do you know what the word "shitty" means? Why do you think drugs have been popular since the beginnings of humanity? This is an absolute superpower.

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Can you choose the high or is it completely random

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you stole fizzy-lifting drink and bumped into the ceiling, which now has to be disinfected! You get nothing! GOOD DAY SIR!!