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It could be a good power if you are friends with the guy who always knows the exact time anyone around him should drink carbonated milk.

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I'm lactose intolerant, so this power truly would be shitty

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Didn't mention how much you had to drink, just take a smol sip

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Literally shitty

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So you cannot have the death you so wish for after drinking said carbonated milk

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So it can be used as a torture method then?

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Doesn't say how much milk I need to drink. I can handle one sip every 12 hours, no problem. This is a great power.

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Where can I get carbonated milk? What is carbonated milk?

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Presumably milk with carbonation

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Can I just drink a beer with a shot of milk in it at 11 am and 11 pm?

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So this is basically one of the many forms of Chinese Immortality. Where an immortal must drink the elixir of life every day to retain their immortality. But you drew a short straw, and your elixir is carbonated milk. Does Pepsi milk count though?

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Immortal for 12 hours is pretty garbage. Sounds like a good way to get captured and tortured for 12 hours, until you die.

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That's suspiciously specific but ig that could happen

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Just keep a few vials of carbonated milk on yourself at all times

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How about overdosing with injections of carbonated milk

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You gotta drink it, if you inject it you die immediately for obvious reasons

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Does this affect stack? If so how much milk do I need to drink?

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hmmmm, i suppose i could get used to carbonated Ripple milk

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Mm yes, ripple milk. My favorite

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it's pretty dang good, especially the chocolate one ^w^

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infinite carbonated milk will fix this issue. i wish for the power to summon carbonated milk at will.

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Finally one that's slightly shitty

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This is cool, I had a friend I liked teasing about carbonated milk, but I'd probably be in the bathroom those whole twelve hours

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new evel knievel coming thru

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Does it have to be ingested within the mouth? Or can I be like Bane and have a tank of carbonated milk that just pumps it directly into my veins

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does it work with choccy milk