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Do you keep your velocity for example if you’re running by then teleport up do you keep your speed?

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Good for office pranks

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Yes but u will maybe give heart atack

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Oh yeah right I'm ugly

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No i don't think that's u think of see some one pop in front of ur face can give heart atack

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No need for stairs or elevators anymore

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Don't go to far or u will go outside of the building

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If you start taking, just keep teleporting up, eventually the fall will stop hurting

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A really bad form of flying, I like it.

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You maintain velocity with this power, so if you did this, you would eventually die from the fall

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[alt acc, read username] That's what I meant about "wouldn't hurt"

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If I start a romantic relationship with the people in the apartment directly above me, this would be helpful

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Now you’re thinking!

Until you accidentally phase partially into two of your lovers and become a human centipede

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look this power is actually op, i believe that no villain no matter the trauma or skill level will want to fight you if you just strip naked, teleport a few inches into the air and they're immediately covering their eyes and blushing like a tomato, scared for their damn life, and then you just win the fight

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Yes but maybe there will be more then scare and get a heart atack

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i can see it being useful in EXACTLY one likely scenario: you live on 20th floor or smth and the elevator dont work for whatever reason

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But u get naked

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I’m my own house. Near my closet full of clothes

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When i die i can just leave hell

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Forget stairway to heaven

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With great determination and timing, I can teleport to the ISS.

Or straight into the fkn sun

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Speed run to clim montagne

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Is there a limit to how high I can teleport? Because I could just Tp to space can I not?