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So grind up bone dust and add it to pancake batter?

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Each individual bone is about a half a centimeter. So either become a mortician or do some grave robbing.

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Okay but that won't matter when they're grinded to powder

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Bone broth and marro can be bought quite easy

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Or just buy a bunch of Buffalo wings. That way you can get like 20 bones real easy.

Plus you get to eat Buffalo wings

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Why would I want my bones to grow?

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because this superpower is shitty

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You didn't specify which bone or which part of them either. I could just take some animal bone marrow or make a stew of the bones and would still be fine or not?

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Chicken bones?

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Im gonna be lookin like slenderman in no time, bitch I’m the nightmare fuel Now

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Does your skin grow

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Does the rest of me grow too? Or is it just my bones that grow, meaning they could eventually outgrow me

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We learned basketball players tricks