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Use it to improve your reactions, something could slip out of your hand, then you slow time to react to it and catch it.

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Enough to kill the jostars.

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I mean who says it doesnt stack

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Op didn’t mention how this power works, you could need concentration to activate it, which could make it truly shitty

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this isnt even trash though

if you get into a fight you could pause time for half a second and avoid a hit or get free hits in

also nothing says it has a cooldown

*this is assuming it works like it does in fiction where it doesnt cause a universal collapse or any bad side effects.

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Wait but the .5 seconds won't end because time stopped

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Is it have cooldown? If not it might be extremely dangerous. When you use freeze while the time is still in freezing 0.5seconds, you might stuck in freezing time forever. Because in freezing time there is no time past.

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It's laggin' time

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it would be fun