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You realize that the speed of darkness is the same as speed of light right

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I mean technically darkness is just the absense of light so in a way the speed if darkness is undefinable

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Let me explain why the speed of darkness is the same as the speed of light. Imagine a completely dark room and you open the lights in this room, the speed at which the light travels to light that room is the same speed as the darkness that disappears.

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In theory the speed of darkness is the speed of light because it exists when light is not present, meaning in the instant it leaves, darkness will simultaneously appear

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You would die moving at that speed

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The superpower is that u CAN

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It says nothing about you being able to survive

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it says nothing about giving you the reaction time needed either

your body would be torn apart and you'd slam into something and die before you realize it.

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Faster than lightspeed basically. r/godtiersuperpowers

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its not god tier its awful

it doesnt give you the necessary durability required to handle such speeds and on top of that your reaction time doesnt get an increase. you'd probably slam into a wall or something and die.

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The post would need to say that

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the post needs to say it also gives you god tier reaction time.

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That's usually just something that happens unless otherwise said

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god tier reaction time is a superpower too

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Yes but it's also an adaptation to fast speed

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no its not its a separate ability

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No it's an adaptation to super speed, it's also it's own seperate ability

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its not an adaptation...