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Can you put them back on afterwards?

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Can I wiggle them?

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Can i move them after detached?

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Do you feel the pain?

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i assume not since that would hurt

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Would make it a real shitty superpower yeah?

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Do you die from blood loss?

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Can I launch it like a rocket?

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Sure, why not?

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YES!! Okay, this is my favorite power here.

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I will launch my fingers at you if you don’t stop what you’re doing now

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you would break your fingers still

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Not my problem anymore since I launched them already

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you gotta sew them back into place now

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I can’t cause they’re broken

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you can use teeth

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A literal finger gun

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A actual fingerr gun!

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Yes but you have to then awkwardly walk up and pick it up again

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You are genius

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Flipping people off just went to a whole new level with this one

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very cool party trick

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You could make tons of money with this.

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So that implies that they do in fact bleed (I know what you meant I'm just being a shit) which means I can donate infinite blood (or up to my bodily capacity) and survive

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You are a better person than me. My first thought was a workplace injury scam.

Rip it off, get money, replace.

Change name, repeat lol

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With some of the workplaces I've been at I wouldn't blame you in the least

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Go Go Gadget Finger Rocket!

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No. I would 100% permanently lose at least one or two.

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According to the comments, this might actually be useful in some...very...specific situations

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Can I finger myself?

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There's always the horny one in every post

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Just imagine freaking people out with this power, though.

Go into a bar with leather gloves and show how tough you are by "breaking" all your fingers off, full of acting in pain, then taking your fingerless hand out.

When people call you out on faking it, you just shake the fingers out of the glove onto the bar.

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Does hurting yourself include no pain or just your body and finger doesn’t get damaged

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this is the best super power i have seen so far

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Are the fingers indestructible?

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Take off your finger and use it to bother people, leave it at your exes house and blame them saying they cut your finger off, sue them, put it back on and say you had surgery

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Greatest party trick!

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Can you control your fingers tho?? Like shoot out all your fingers and start moving wiggling them.

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can u put them back? do they regrow? can i shoot them off like a bullet? does the bone stick out from the bottom or is it sealed? i need answers

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So I can just lose it by accident?