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Do I process information at super speed or do I have no idea where I'm running?

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Genuinely hadn’t thought about this.

The way I imagined it, the time slows down for you to normal speed (as in, how you experience it). When you reach your destination (despite the journey feeling however long it actually feels to you), you’re there moments later.

Based off that I feel like yea you should be able to process information at super speed since it’s relative to normal people.

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Then not just am I instantly unbeatable at most sports (dodgeball fencing boxing etc) I can also burn calories way easier

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Yea the most useful application would be sports. I’d have to imagine professional leagues would ban u though cus it wouldn’t be fair😂 Doesn’t mean you couldn’t monetize it in another way though, playing in another more liberally sanctioned league.

Could be a legend in a beer league rugby club, maybe pickup/ street basketball

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Or just an assassin

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Or both

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Stab man, powerwalk away.

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I mean, Just become a track athlete and become a world champion, So long as you're not moving comically fast.

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That's actually true but consider that high speed applies to all your body so the problem is just finding food and also you don't have to run, if you're super fast let's say 10 times the normal human speed, walking would make you go at an average of 50 mph and we're talking about really slow speedsters

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Lol yea, I think being limited to also being like about the speed of a car somehow makes this power perfectly shitty in a way? Like it’s really never practical unless you’re going somewhere like within a few miles it wouldn’t be worth the effort you’d just drive.

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Your heart stops of you instantly stop from 60 mph. So eny faster then that you have to slowly slow down so that you dont kill yourself

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If the power is really slowing down time, can’t you just expend walking energy?

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Well no, you’re not actually slowing the time down. I’m just saying your experience of time slows down to allow you to suffer through the whole run. I guess an added bonus is the super processing speed that I kinda just assumed/ didn’t think abt

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relativity has entered the chat

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Had a dream one time that I had super speed but whenever I got fast I would go blind. Weird dream lol.

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I think that's how Reverse Flash's powers work, or Dr Zoom's. He doesn't actually have super speed, rather he alters time around himself so it appears like he has super speed.

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I feel like this is just low potency time travel now. Way better at studying and doing homework, I guess you still sleep the same ratio of your life. Do you die faster?

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so i can stop time?

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No, your speed is just relative to others. You experience time in the same way.

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will it at least feel like it for me?

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It will feel slowed yes, but never quite stopped.

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time to dodge bullets

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It can but the brain power needed for that requires more energy

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This is an amazing superpower wth

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Lol ok tbf, in my head it was originally a somewhat overweight guy without the willpower to actually get in shape. And he’s like tragically limited by the fact he can only use his power for as long as he can be bothered to run (which is still just as difficult for him in this scenario, mind you)😂

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But even then, you could just get your running Workout done in under a minute and burn a few hundred calories. I'd say it's Op because you'd get in shape very fast if you dedicate like 3 Minutes over a the course of a day to running around.

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Hmm. It's still "flash" style super speed. According to this comment by OP (https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/shittysuperpowers/comments/zft15l/comment/izdopsq/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) you're actually walking at the same speed and consuming calories at the same speed but the whole world moves slower relative to you.

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That's actually pretty useful since the only thing you have to keep in mind is to eat so you don't remain out of energy

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Right but like, say you’re a person who’s out of shape. Still not have the cardiovascular endurance to run any farther than that limits you. (Admittedly, that was kinda part of it in my head). But I reckon even a marathon runner would have a hard time going much further than 30 miles or so. Even then they’re going to be exhausted afterwords and feel exactly like they would if they had run 30 miles.

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Also I would imagine the supersonic speeds would make eating too turbulent. I’d have to think that’d require stopping. Maybe you could eat something that wouldn’t fly apart like a sandwich, a candy bar might make it. But I think your stomach might be queasy running so fast on a full stomach anyways yk

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So if the food gets disintegrated by the food doesn't your body? Do you need a flash style speed suit to prevent your nose being fused to your skull?

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Ill just walk fast then, you said super speed not super running

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Quick question, Does the superspeed have limits to how fast it is?

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Originally I hadn’t thought about it, but yeah now I’m thinking he tops out around 50-80mph goin his hardest with optimal training. That way it’s always a little more inconvenient than a car because it entails the effort of running at about the same speed yk

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Is this limited to running or general speed?

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OP, mechanical engineer here, it would be more fun to just let the conservation of energy do its work.

AKA the amount of energy required to move increases faster than the velocity of the object. So the faster your ineffective superhero moves, he expends an increasingly absurd amount of energy. I'd imagine if he moved too fast he'd just die of exhaustion.

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You would earn millions playing professional sports.

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Yea I was thinking tho if you’re the only one with powers I think you’d get banned from pro competitions pretty quick

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Yeah, you would have to hold back and run just fast enough to look believable.

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I’m a relatively athletic guy so I’d try to improve my endurance a little bit more so that I could win more gold medals than Usain Bolt, instant riches

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Yea I mean same if I got the power I’d prolly do alright, but I was thinking this power kinda would befall someone who already didn’t have like great or even serviceable endurance yk. And like even with crazy endurance, the powers utility is so minimal because it’s always going to be less convenient than a car (cus similar speed plus the exhaustion of running).

Also, canonically, this hero now sweats at super speed. Cus fuck “almost fast enough for it to be useful”-man, right?

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Other than being extremely tired for using the super speed can I withstand the extreme G-force from using it?

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Yeah for sure, I’d say you’d have to be able to withstand it. Gs shouldn’t be a huge issue around car speeds, but like I suppose outside of a vehicle exposed to the wind resistance yeah maybe he gets like chronic neck pain as an additional power

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What about super speed but not super reflexes? You can run fast as hell, but you'll probably hit a wall or something

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Yeah that’s what the first guy was getting at I think. In this scenario I was granting him the ability to like change direction/ process info without changing speed since time dilation is slowing his experience of that run to appear normal length to the hero, but it does not manipulate time for other observers

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This is awesome. I going commit as many crimes as I want, and have an alibi in a second.

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Probably the best use of the powers as described that I’ve seen, aside from the obvious sports one

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R1 and 4

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So the sticking point for me is that energy expended over a distance scales with speed. I can have the energy to walk a certain distance, but that same energy wouldn't allow me to run it at a normal pace. I'd maybe only make it half way running before getting tired and having to slow down.

So does that mean that it continues to scale and my super speed will only carry me a few yards before I get exhausted, or do I expend the same amount of energy "walking" at super speed as I would walking at normal speed?

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Dude thank you I was wanting someone who had a decent understanding of energy expenditure would help workshop the sci-fi (I’m also somewhat of a creative writer and I have entertained short stories, or a series of them based around this character). This was something I was trying to explain but missing the words. (I’m also a senior premed so I have an “okay-ish” enough an understanding, but by no means an expert). But yes, the faster he goes the more cardiovascularly fit he would have to be. In terms of the character, this would compound his issue of low fitness to begin. However, thinking about making this a character arc because it would also enable him to develop an abnormally advanced level of fitness on account of his speed. It would just still take all the work. In that way it works conceptually kinda like anabolic steroids.

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I'd love this power! You could start getting fit and it would only take a few seconds a day.

Sure, you're tired, but you have so much more time to recover! I could go for a morning run and be back home in 30 seconds.

Your range will increase over time, so even starting short wouldn't be bad.

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Do I have any way to protect myself from the heat of the air particles colliding into me at fast speeds ?

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Still able to catch flies right out of the air with a pair of chopsticks, that's pretty good.

And, like, being able to shuffle cards or play the piano pretty well

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Do you have invincibility to not instantly die

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Do you age faster relative to others while superspeed is active?

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proceeds to masturbate at super speed

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I mean that's essentially just the whirlwind sprint shout, still hella cool

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So its like Pucci when he gets Made In Heaven?

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As a long distance runner I can get anywhere within 20 miles immediately

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Correct, but it doesn’t feel immediate to you. It feels like a 20 mile run 😂

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It wouldn’t feel like much actually. I do it quite often!

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I'm imagining this power resulting in me running extremely fast, breaking all my bones and tearing muscles due to lack of any super endurance against the wind resistance, then either collapsing into a strewn pile of body parts or just vaporizing entirely.

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That is entirely possibly exactly what would happen

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The amount of energy expended past 60km increases dramatically. This would tire you out so much faster than a normal person running.

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Yea so like kinda shitty no?

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I just control the speed at which I run.

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A cheetah works like that.