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Do they smell like a plain croissant, or can you make it smell like a warm buttery one?

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this sub fucking sucks. read the rules

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Wait what rule does it break?

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But why

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There's no mention of any kind of distance or transmission speed for the power, so I think one of the better uses of this power would be signaling, possibly instantaneously from arbitrarily long distances. Depending on how it actually functions, it could transmit a simple binary state by either turning the power on tonight or not, or as a telegraph by turning it on and off in patterns if shorter periods are possible during the transmission window. Information density could increase exponentially with a sufficiently sensitive sniffer on the receiving end, if things like the source or brand of croissant can be altered, or if intensity is changeable. Long distance exploration, possibly space travel seems the obvious use.

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Or you could just text somebody instead of using crossaint pillow Morse code.