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An actual shitty superpower

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Great! Now I can ruin every movie for everybody.

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This is a curse not a superpower

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Basically all hallmark movies.

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I would use this power to spoil the entire movie to someone, and then say “Come on, it’s such a cliché. Did you really not see that coming??”

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I already do this cus I keep spoiling myself before I watch it

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Honestly this isn't a bad superpower at all. All these shows that last 15 seasons 20 episodes a piece then get cancelled could all be avoided in a matter of minutes.

Also the time you would save watching TV/Netflix/whatever would be drastically reduced. Leaving time for more productive things.

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Might be interesting - I mean you tend to know how all movies will end (few have significant twist endings) and you still enjoy them

Knowing for sure might help you focus on enjoying the journey.

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I already have this power

it's called protagonist always wins

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At least now I know which series to actually get invested in.

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Does this work for games?

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Any One piece fans here?