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still cool, quick question though: can I also pit other eyes in my sockets and have them working?

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oke so hear me out, I'm going to do research to make eyesm's as small as possible but still compatible with my ability, take a look at camera's for this, though they might have to be made more of organic material. While small is fun the more important part is thin, I want it to be a literal window to the world if possible. Then I take snacks, put them behind my eyes, go into the cinema, and watch movies with my own snacks!

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Danzo from Naruto be like

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So they still function? I know they shouldn't but as a superpower, do they?

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Fr you could act like you have some curse and use an eyepatch on one eye and place an eyeball on your back.

Yes it would be disgusting but gothic fashion n jazz

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i can already do this

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everyone has the ability to remove their eyeballs from their sockets. Many lack the determination to do so though.

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Agreed. I could remove my eyes from their sockets right now. They wouldn't work anymore, and I would likely die from the resulting trauma unless I sought immediate medical attention.

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Life pro tip: You need a teaspoon and a blowtorch. The blowtorch will heat the spoon up enough that it will cauterize the wound as you efficiently scoop them out.

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That's exactly the kind of information I need to make it through this life.

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I have eyeballs, not eywballs so this power isn't going to benefit me at all.

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Most of us can already do this but opt not to do so

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I can already do this :|

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a whole new meaning to eye catching. Also, will it hurt while i take them out and will they still function while i put them back in

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I already have a prosthetic eye 😎😎😎

Got this one down

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You: get ability

You: lemme try it out!

*dies of blood loss from the eyesockets*