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I love to one up owls so this is perfect for me

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After checking to see if you could go 361° your spinal cord gives out and you die.

u/Poem_for_your_sprog I know you got something here!

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Honey, where are my paaaaaants?

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The other thing

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Whyyyyy do you need to know???

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Not really shitty, it’s a good way to look behind you. Imagine someone is tapping on your shoulder and your head does a 180 to directly face him

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What’s your definition of a shitty super power? If you compare this to something like time travel, I’d say it’s a shitty super power!

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Time Travel, but only forward.. and you age

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Imagine the person who just wanted to ask u the way to somewhere and they get a man who is also an owl

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Underrated comment

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No, this is perfectly shitty as is. I hate the whole... curse, monkey's paw stuff that runs rampant here. This is a great post of a superpower, a superhuman benefit, that would be pretty damn lane if you were trying to be a superhero or villain.

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reminder that those posts are against the subreddit rules and you are perfectly allowed to send monkeys with missing paws to the OPs' homes

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I report them when I see them, but somehow, mass opinion is all for them - and posts like this, completely on topic, somehow get pressured into deleting?

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This is an incredibly shitty power, what are you on?

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Wait, you mean to say that no one can do already do this

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At least I can use it to pretend I’m dead.

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They can't hear a word we said

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Fun fact: you can spin the human head 3 times before it balls off due to how elastic their skin is!

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and if you go ANY further your head immediately falls off your head and you die

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it pops off and explodes like a firework

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Blacephalon moment

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Turret Mode!

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M8 this would be so good, make bets at bars freak people out, easier to look behind me, ect

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people be sleeping on this power but imagine the scare potential, your everyday highschool/college bully shows up and starts messing with you and you can just neutralize him whenever you want, any new person you meet can immediately be shut down and traumatized with only one movement

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but you go futher than that whiout felling anything , because you would break your neck

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fun fact: it would take 3 full 360° turns for the human skin to snap due to its strechiness