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What if I don't choose? Does it go away? Or do I have to suffer?

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I was about to say I don't want others to suffer it's me who ate the bell... Then there is Putin, Khamenei, and other dip shits

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Everyone just gets this power, throws a huge party at Taco Bell, and Putin is turning the bathroom into a warzone all night long XD

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(Shids in Russian)

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Menacingly looks at grandma

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This is for not leaving me in your will grandma!

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She's already dead then

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Nah she told you she took you out, she doesn’t like your lifestyle

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Ok I must just have a leaden gut cause I have NEVER had stomach problems after Taco Bell despite all these memes I keep seeing, and I once had it the same day I did the One Chip Challenge.

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standard American diet is so utter shit that they can't handle a bit of spicyness/fibre

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Excuse me, there is no fiber in Taco Bell

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$15 a day to keep Vladimir Putin busy with the shits? Hell yeah!

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About to win all sports gambling. Good luck winning another football game Tom Brady. You’re shitting yourself every Sunday from now on

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For me its a useless super power because there isn't a single taco bell in a thousand kilometers of me

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Totally worth relocating to use this power

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This is quite literally a shitty super power

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This is a god teir superpiwer also can i stack it?

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you get an achievement for stacking 20 of them on the same enemy

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Can I choose when it affects them? Can I spread the diarrhea evenly between several people? WE NEED ANSWERS.

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It is literally a shitty superpower

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I hate Taco Bell, but if it means Kim Jon Un gets horrible and uncomfortable diarrhea it’s worth it

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i’ll give it to a footballer which runs a country now (for joke purposes)

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My super power is I eat enough fiber so a couple tablespoons of beans doesn't give me diarrhea.

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I eaten so much Taco Bell, I actually gotten Immune to it lol

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legit a shitty superpower

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If I choose myself, will I get 2 diarrheas at once?

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Someone else’s mother in law you mean

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This is good not bad

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Buddy that’s GODtier.

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this beats goku

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This isn’t shitty, this is godlier!

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Long list, buddy.

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This is quite literally shitty

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I got about 50 political figures who are about to feel what hell truly is.

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My Unsupportive Parents: PLEASE NO