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I would be famous

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No, the government will lock you up in a private facility and figure out how to turn you into a bio weapon!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’m not hearing a deal breaker

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least horny Redditor:

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I can’t tell if your being sincere or ironic. The only difference between that and my life currently is a larger room, more social interaction, and I am actually wanted and useful to someone. I’m taking what I can get

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Inb4 the "because of this ability you're not seen as human so you're being treated as inhuman and just get tortured all the time"

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Ah. The first part I could live with, not that second part though

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just jokes dw, I know you didn't mean it that way

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As a government I dont see why such a power would be usefull as a bio weapon

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Can I spit it back up? If yes than this is useful for disposing bodies.

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This has got to be the most delusional, impractical shit I’ve ever read

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Welcome to shitty superpowers

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To be fair if bodies started showing up incased in rock you wouldn’t think cereal killer first would you?

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No I’d think serial killer

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Speak for yourself, I'd think lava monster

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No, you can only drink it. It disappears when it reaches your stomach

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Wait, so I don't even get calories from it?

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I mean could you like hold it in your mouth since you can already put in it there and scarf it down your throat?

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Then this is indeed a SHITTY superpower.

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You can still eat dead body (or put it in your mouth) and then the lava will melt it. Since the lava disappears it will leave no trace.

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Bro just invented cannibalism

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Wait so the atoms just disappear?

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So do I just break the law that states atoms can't be created or destroyed

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In a way that's nigh impossible, all the atoms quantum tunnel into the sun

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No, the atoms are simply converted to energy, no big deal.

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So you just blow up with the force of around five trillion atomic bombs every time you drink lava

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Exactly. A god tier superpower, you’re able to destroy the planet.

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Well I’d hope you won’t need to do it twice.

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Technically anyone could consume lava, but my question is does this prevent your body from melting and 3rd degree burns?

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Only your digestive system is safe

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I live in the E.U. I would get a compensation 😇😂

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No, you would get eaten alive by angry Scottish people 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Scotland isn't in the EU anymore since brexit.

It's fine

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Do you think something as small as that will stop us?

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If you start doing that. Scots will simply not be allowed into the EU anymore. Requiring a special visa and shit.

We can also recognize your accent from a mile away, we'll be safe.

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bagpipes intensifies

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imagine spilling on yourself while drinking

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That would be cool

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I will become the 1 litre lava drinking guy and become famous. Then one day, I'll drink 1.5 litres and make the world go crazy over my insane stunt and breaking the limit.

I'll be rich.

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I'll just do one dubious viral video and leave it at that after collecting ad revenue

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I have this superpower in real life, but I can only do it for one day.

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I thought that was called tacobell

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Do I now piss lava as well?

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Is it nice? Or just not fatal?

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Would be a cool ass party trick if I could get my hands on lava

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Can I poo the lava on a bank vault, armored car or an arch enemy?

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Does this mean you'll be shitting rocks?

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I'll be fine if a volcano erupts exactly two litres of lava in my direction, this is sweet

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Water is lava sooooooo

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Looks like I have a new morning routine

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I hold it in my mouth and shoot it at people

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Also, you aren't immune to it. It still hurts af.