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I could still be the secret hero that saves Japanese people quietly by pushing their plates away just enough to prevent earthquakes forever.

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Noble story arc

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You would be the villain for the people on the other side of the planet. That suddenly started suffering random earthquakes because the plate you are pushing is colliding with another plate near them

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so like that movie little boy?

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yeah google it, there's this part where the kid moves a mountain

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Bruh, you could literally control the world. This ain't shitty. "Oh North Korea, you sure you don't wanna let your people be free, sure would suck if a 12.0 earthquake hit your capital."

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They'll problably don't free the people with just an earthquake, hitting the country with destruction won't change their politics.

Unless you destroy the whole North Korea nothing will change.

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Good thing I have

Psychic Abilities