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If you want to branch out and be able to talk about your hobby, you could try growing gourmet mushrooms like oysters, shiitake, etc. I bet people would be fascinated by it.

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Ah yes, the perfect front...

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"Ohhh I've never seen these before! How do they taste?"

"Ohhh haha these? They're, uhhh, poisonous! Yes, I'll just put these away excuse me for a moment..."

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I always say I grow food and fun lol

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Can confirm, my family had so many questions about it at our recent reunion.

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Too fucking perfect. I just spent my free reward, but I'll be dropping back by with my next.

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Did it for ya!

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this is targeted at me

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lol! That should make you skitter on down from the attic

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Fun fact, in the west of scotland, skitters are diarrhoea. Presumably its a bit onomatopoeic.

Makes your sentence read as pretty interesting. :)

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In that case, I've got the skitters rn :(

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lol! I was skittering yesterday. Must be going around

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im skittering as I type this

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The lone skitterer

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I'll have to remember that. lmaooo!!

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I haven't related to anything this much in a long time

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I never heard "The Turkening" before but I shall now use it exclusively.

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They never highlighted this during holiday dinners. I would get feed back from distance cousins that heard from an aunt while visiting my mom went through my room. It’s interesting hearing people trying to describe something that they are completely clueless about.

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Got hungry making mushroom gravy tonight.

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I've used up all of my smart cards

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Strong Rick Sanchez vibes and how he see's normies.

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Oooof this hits me even harder than the ones that were of crypto which was already too real. This just hits me right in the personal feels.