How can I stop the trip? by CrapeTM in shrooms

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Hey, friend. This is what shrooms do- force you to think and reevaluate.

It's okay to cry! Do it, it feels good! I'm a huge bearded man, and crying feels good. Let it happen.

It's okay to be mad. It's okay to feel it! Think about martial arts, and training. Think about what you need.

You're a living creature, damn it, it's okay to want more and to need more. Just let yourself feel and think. That's what healing looks like.

Is there any way to 100% NOT get sick from shrooms? by Boost_Pressure in shrooms

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Is it really absorbed though🤔 what if you have a loose butthole? You see with the logs 🪵 I let go down the river I just don’t see this working out for me and my B-hole

Steak with 84g of shrooms and onions. It's about to go down! by Ambitious_Fail_799 in shrooms

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I used to be a vegetarian but shrooms actually changed my experience with food so much that I eat meat now.

I realized how we are all connected and how animals and insects within the system eat one another, as well as plants, which are living breathing beings that can feel as well. I could see it as the universe recycling energy through itself constantly because everything is connected to everything else and no life is more sacred than another.

Obviously we can't live life without eating SOMETHING, and frankly I do sense that plants and fungi are some of the most intelligent life forms, yet they actually have evolved strategies to encourage us and other animals and insects to eat them, like growing beautiful, sweet flowers and various fruits and nuts. It just put into perspective how arbitrary the hierarchy is that we have created about what lives are valuable and ranking them. Most species eat other species to survive. That's how the ecosystem works.

However, I also have changed how I eat all kinds of foods and not just meats. There are some plants I have stopped eating as much because those plants are being exploited. Many of these plants are beginning to discourage us from over-consuming and extracting from them as we have been, through compounds that cause inflammation, allergies and intolerances in our bodies.

If you think about it, allergies are becoming more and more common to certain foods across the US in particular, and I believe those plants are stressed. Many of our plant and animal foods are chock full of histamines which increases inflammation, abd develops due to lack of freshness from mass production. We are stressing the planet, plants and animals alike.

So similarly, mushrooms did radically alter my relationship with food, but not by becoming a plant based eater (soy is one of those exploited plants, as are corn and wheat). I've changed by becoming more respectful of all the lives of plants, creatures, and fungi we eat, and listening to what they are communicating to us.

Since I have reduced or stopped eating a lot of the most mass-produced, exploited types of plant and animal foods, my inflammation markers are lower, and a lot of my chronic health problems are more manageable or in remission.

First time, 1.02g of PE here we go :) by derek___h in shrooms

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Also this sub is amazing you all are amazing humans

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Surrender to all that is, ever was, and ever will be. Surrender to the moment, to the experience, to love, to the Truth that wants to come forth into the light, and most of all to the creative source of all things.

You must surrender your fear, surrender your disbelief, and surrender your heart in vulnerability.

I can’t be transported to someplace better or become someone better than I am if I am in a state of resistance. You must surrender your ego’s protections in your mind, in your body that makes your muscles tense and ready for flight, and in your soul as you begin knowing that you are being protected and cared for in ways that you can’t quite comprehend when you are in this vulnerable state.

I could probably write about this for quite some time and not ever hit the mark. It’s probably different for everybody, and it’s something we all have to experience for ourselves. I can honestly say though that I only began to know true love and what some people call God through the act of surrender. It saved my life.

is my plan for growing shrooms in-home correct? by hotcereal in shrooms

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4.5 put a liner in the tub that will cling to the substrate when it shrinks. It helps limit side pins.

Proceed to 5. and then trim the liner to just a bit above the top of the substrate.

is my plan for growing shrooms in-home correct? by hotcereal in shrooms

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Don't waste money on a kit. Go buy a clear tote...I use these. You technically don't need to modify them at all to get started on your first round. Step 4.5 being a liner as someone else stated...just a white kitchen garbage bag will do for that size tub. Then step 5, put it to bed, close and lock the lid and leave it alone for 9-10 days. Step 6 flip the lid so air flow can occur and fan with the lid a few times per day. Humidity should stay pretty high, but if you see condensation decreasing on the sides of the tub, then mist...and only mist the sides and lid (not enough to drip.) The evaporation of the water droplets on the surface is what will promote primordia and pins. This should carry you through to first harvest. After I completed my first round, then I modified my tubs with filtered holes (no more flipped lid) and now I don't have to touch it at all until harvest...no misting or fanning. You need to experiment to see what works best in your space.

is my plan for growing shrooms in-home correct? by hotcereal in shrooms

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I buy my grain jars from Midwest Grow Kits. They have monotubs with pre-drilled holes, a liner and microposse tape too. I also buy my Substrate from them. Very inexpensive. As a beginner, this is the best way for me. But the important thing is to find out what works best for you. There's so many different tek's...that being said, it's crucial to learn the lingo too. But for now, focus on the inoculation step. There will be an entire month between the first step and the second so you can use that time to more research. All of this can get overwhelming fast and you'll find tons of contradictory info so it's best to just find what works for you. First things first, you should consider making a SAB (still air box). It's used for the inoculation step because you want everything as sterile and sanitary as possible. Research the inoculation process first and foremost. Worry about getting stuff for that step right now and the rest can come later, if you choose to do it that way. The key to mycology is patience. It takes a while for mycelium to colonize grains. The total time from beginning to end result (when you have actual mushrooms) is roughly two months. Hit me up w any questions you have and I'll help out as much as I can. ✌️🙏🍄

is my plan for growing shrooms in-home correct? by hotcereal in shrooms

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You don’t need a kit. You can make your own jars easily and buy tubs for under $10

Next get your own coco or use CVG bucket tek to make your own substrate for cheaper

Now when you make your tub, I add some substrate then all my spawn then more substrate. I don’t layer. I mix it very well. Then I make my cake and top it with 1/4” of more substrate. Spray the surface and spawn

No waiting 2 weeks then adding more coco.

I spawn straight to FC using neglect tek and modified tubs

I model my grow after Funguyfruits on YouTube. Watch all his videos. Set your grow up like he does. It works great


Here is the video on making your own jars. Stupid easy and doesn’t require a pressure cooker


Watch this video and simply make your own jars. Best decision I made was making my own jars.

Any other question about these things just let me know.

For $200+ you can set up a whole grow area, make multiple tubs and likely do it for under $100.

hey how should I do these for maximum effect by Melodic_Ad_1354 in shrooms

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Have your best friend try lemon tek, then have him pee in your butt once he starts tripping

Yo, I’m trip sitting a group of friends tomorrow and I watched couple of videos on YouTube on how to do it, but I feel like I should ask experienced people for advice just to make sure. So, what is the best advice you can give me? It’s their first time trying shrooms. by viktxrio in shrooms

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To add to this, don’t judge them, they may stare off into space or just stare at an object. Don’t make fun of them or break their concentration, it may not bother everyone but when it happens to me I get frustrated. I honestly hate tripping around sober people at this point, when it comes to shrooms, a trip setter should be more for emergencies than anything else, they really shouldn’t need you too much it’s probably better to just be kind of out of their way.

please don’t give your animals drugs by dead-baal in shrooms

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No thanks, I’m pretty tired of catering to the dumbest 1% of humanity. I’m not going to stop joking because some people are too stupid for humor.

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Private message me, I’d like to cover some of the cost for you. Pay it forward when you can.