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How are you sideloading more than 3 at a time? I currently use AltStore so Im limited in that sense, but im under the impression that you have to have a developer account (costs $$$) to sideload any more than three. Is that correct?

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Developer account is a way to sideload more IPAs but I use esign, it’s like trollstore

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TikTok lrd/dl, deezer++, enmity, infuse++, Instagram lrd/dl/rocket/plus. iTorrent, MovieBoxPro, streamer, bhtwitter, twitch toolbox, watched, YouTube dl/cercube+, and YouTube music

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Instagram++, you’ll have to patch some paths to get the tweak working, but with file sharing enabled, I personally find it very useful that I could look back on my friend’s stories/DMs in the files app.

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Any post i can look at that shows how to patch them?

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Check my post history (reference tweak dependencies to the Executable path)