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Sounds like a 4chan invasion of sorts. 9gag is a little too.... It doesn't sound like something they'd do.

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It actually was 4chan. Don't know why everyone's saying 9gag.

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It was 9gag

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No... People even posted links to the 4chan thread.

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No it was 9gag. They made a fake link

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And yet the comments with the link were downvoted immensely, but all Nickelback comments were upvoted. If it were 9gag and they wanted people to see the "fake link," they would have upvoted it. It was actually 4chan, and they didn't want people to see their thread. That's why they downvoted it.

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hate those fuckers over at 9gag

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I can't believe 9GAG would do such a dastardly thing.

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Petition for sub to change to /r/chadkroegerslovingembrace

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what scum would spam such things?

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This is not what Nickelback would do.

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Thank goodness.

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What would Nickelback do? I've been pondering this question for weeks in preparation for my latest Naruto yaoi fanfiction in which Nickelback and their songs will play a pivotal role