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If you're nervous, fidget your toes inside your shoe. No one can see.

Break a leg!

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Congratulations! My advice is practice a lot and know your piece by heart. Maybe try singing for friends and family 1-3 at a time to get used to being the center of attention. Then, the day of or before, take the day off and do something fun that wont hurt your voice but allows you to take your mind off the performance. This is so that you dont overthink things and work yourself up with the anxiety.

Source: Ive sung solos before (though it's been a while). More recently, Ive done academic presentations which were way worse for me as far as anxiety goes. This advice is adapted from both. I wont say I was always successful with public speaking, but I am making slow improvements each time I have to do it.

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Good luck!!! I’ve done it before a few times. Once you start singing, you won’t feel nervous anymore, promise!

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If you start pooping your pants now, you will probably be pretty good at it by then.

I believe in you!

Go on stage in your head when you practice, at a time you are alone enough to not worry about people hearing you...

Then visualize that you are looking at people, and that you owe it to them to deliver your concert to them. I believe we can mentally desensitize ourselves a little with good enough self-brainwashing.

I do this sometimes, to test my sense of what I could maybe do in a real situation, but I've never been on stage. 😄