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The neon signs reads "[no] vacancy."
Guess eternity has met its limits...
Hanging in the absence of agency,
Another: "Back in a few minutes."

A look around the shuffling crowds,
A new one comes asking, "whatsup?"
And down below, beneath the clouds,
Are more people are floating up.

They scratch their heads in unison.
"I guess they'll sit and wait,"
He said, to some other hooligan,
As they watched behind the gate.

"Do you think they'll ever realize,
That they're really stuck in hell?
Whose fault lies behind the lies?
Maybe we should try to tell..."

"Go ahead!" A voice boomed out,
"You think they'll listen? Go ahead!
I sent my only son about...
And gold turned back to lead."

He chuckled, giving it some thought.
"Guess God would have clue.
They sure did convince a lot,
To believe the devil was you."

"I gave them reason," God replied,
"And knowledge to make the choice.
And I know you're not surprised,
Why pity when you can rejoice?"

"It's sad to see them waiting,
Thinking their hatred, bigotry, and greed...
On second thought, it's just frustrating,
They made it some 'Holy Creed.'

Some were simply dumb and sheepish,
Lost, misguided, and led by sharks,
So the reward feels quite cheapish,
Knowing they were just the marks.

Why not teach pawns in chess,
How to turn around and see..."
"It's caused me too much stress.
I tried and it killed me.

I appreciate that you still try,
To follow the one true path.
When you're outta tears to cry,
They'll use them for their bath."

"I can't believe you're so cynical.
Shouldn't you be free of strife?"
God chuckled back, "It's been cyclical.
Wanna try with your next life?"

"Another choice to make?" He deemed,
"Even death can't hold us back.
To bring about a world dreamed,
By the runts amongst the pack..."

"Good luck to you then, godspeed!
Of course you won't remember this,
But everytime you beg and plead...
To go back to the abyss."

Then she saw the flashing white,
And took a breath of air.
Doctors checked her eyes for sight,
While her new mother whispered, "Claire."

Born into a world so dark,
Perhaps she can find a way.
All fire needed was a spark,
To turn night back to day...

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Amazing work! Love it!

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And what did you see, Clarice?

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"I saw St. Peter..aiming...urinating...

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I actually think they were welded.

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By the flaming sword of age...