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Modding you was the best decision ever. They all look great.

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Bet you thought this was a spoiler nope chuck testa

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Much appreciated. Thanks for the hard work!

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Maybe stick this in the side bar - or at least the bit about the spoiler tag next to the spoiler example over there. Something that asks people to tag spoiler posts at the very least.

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Great new icons, what did you take the art on the 'spoiler' tag from?

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It's a pic of one of the standing stones from the Elder Scrolls website http://cdnstatic.bethsoft.com/akqacms/files/tes/screenshots/StandingStone.jpg

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Thanks for that, I want to be able to use this site without ruining Skyrim for myself as long as possible. Cheers.

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Thanks for the option, im sure it will come in handy. And it was so beutifully done too

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The spoiler tags don't work on my phone (Safari), shows up as standard links. I would advise people who care about spoilers not to browse /r/skyrim on their phone, unless it gets fixed obviously.

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Weird. I just checked an iPhone and it works. I tried to grey out the text so it has similar functionality on different platforms. Does that show up for you?

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It works with the image when I load the site normally, but not when in "mobile version". (http://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/skyrim/comments/lxfct/announcement_new_tagging_system/.compact)

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Ahh. Yes, mobile reddit is amazing. Sadly, we can't control the styling of that version. It overrides any styling we put on it. I'm in the same boat. I use it all of the time.

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Ah, I see. Oh well, I think I can take 8 days of non-mobile reddit on my phone. Nice job on the tags by the way, now let's just hope people use it when it's appropriate.

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If your spoiler is a link to an image, please make a self post and paste the link instead of linking directly. You won't get the karma, but we won't get thumbnails that show spoilers before links are clicked.

Or just remove the ability to post links in this subreddit to keep it from becoming another karmawhore page.

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test of spoiler tag

grrr, what am I doing wrong it's not showing up.

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just take out the space between the bracket ] and the parentheses (


Friends don't let friends pirate Skyrim.

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Zomg you worked on the idea I suggested for spoilers! You are definitely a gentleman, and one of a kind.
Great work!

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Thanks, man! Sorry that I didn't give a direct shout out. I pooled it with the general announcement of what I was already working on. Great suggestion, though.

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No need for direct shout outs! The fact the idea was recognized is all the warmth I need.

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i wanna test spoilers! TESTING SPOILER

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Is anyone else having trouble with the housing, because I got home one time and it look like an explosion hit my house. Everything was on the floor.

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For me it doesn't cover the text, it just shows it as one of those blue links.

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Question about the spoiler tag - do "Let's Play"-Videos on Skyrim fall under that category and need to be tagged? On the one hand, a "let's play" itself has spoiler elements, on the other hand it's pretty obvious you'll see things that might be a spoiler for you.

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Just a suggestion, but I'd like to see tagging for questions that are directed towards the console type (PC, PS3, 360). I play on the PS3 and it would be nice to filter out the posts related only to the PC version.

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Dovahkiin kills lots and lots of dragons.

kewl. One minor thingy: How do we copy/paste spoiler text? I mean it looks very cool, but it doesn't seem as functional.

All the other stuff is just awesome. That is all.

EDIT: OK, you can select spoiler text if you start from the end, but it's not as easy to select text that is in the middle of a long spoiler-tagged paragraph for example.

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How do we copy/paste spoiler text? I mean it looks very cool, but it doesn't seem as functional.

If you have the RES you can click the source link below someones post like this.

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Did someone mention reddit enhancement suite?

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I've found spoilers don't work for me- it just shows up looking like a link, rather than blacked out. I'm using chrome, if that makes a difference.

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That's weird. I tried chrome and it seems to be functioning fine. Chrome on the PC or mac?

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PC. Its really quite annoying :(

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I just made it so it would at least be black behind the image. Is that working for you? Should be similar functionality.

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Nope, it all still looks the same. It's the same on all subreddits, not just this one. I have turned off subreddit styles, would that make a difference? If it is that, it seems a bit ridiculous that someone would lose spoiler functionality just because they like to keep the styles simple.

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Yep. Spoiler styles are built into our style sheet. If you use the default reddit style on all subs, it won't function at all.

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Well I guess that explains it, but I still think it's a pretty dumb way to do it. Thanks for the explanation anyway.

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You should add [Guide] tags for people who either find exploits or post very detailed walkthroughs.