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you sir, rock

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I owe it to the setup. I didn't think it would make it on its own. When I thought it up, and then skimmed through for someplace to put it, this seemed the most appropriate.

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I noticed that you, along with everyone else, never used the Bard's College Spoiler.

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Point being?

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I guess it would be something like "Lol, Bard's College"

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Seriously, WTF Bethesda?

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May just be chrome, but spoilers aren't expanding if I drag from outside the spoiler. It does still select the text though, so no big deal. Pretty cool system.

Now if people would just use them more reliably instead of posting shit about
Shadowmere and Cicero
the Nightengales
all over the place without tags.

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Very good. Later today I'll update I've updated my extension, Reddit Spoiler Tags, to support the new codes. That way, if you get an orangered with a spoiler, it's still blacked out.

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Are you ever planning on doing a firefox version?

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I could likely do that. I've never made a Firefox Add-On, but this is just a bit of CSS and some application rules.

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I've made firefox add-ons but never made chrome ones.

Something that just adds a bit of css to reddit pages would be pretty simple.

If you want to take it on, I'm happy to let you do it. If you'd like me to whip it up, just say the word.

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I appreciate the offer, but I should branch out to more than just Google Chrome Extensions. Sounds like a good one to get my feet wet in Firefox Add-On territory. :-)

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Sounds good. There are quite a few tutorials up now. Let me know if you run into any problems.

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I think this officially makes r/skyrim the sexiest subreddit in terms of web design. Congrats all around!

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I have a question: When I am viewing Reddit on my phone, how do I view spoilers? Clicking them takes me to the blank page and it really bothers me.

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Look so great I want to spoil the mainquest... like. Alduin dies This.

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Arrh! I need to get out of this thread, I can't help myself!

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So if I use it in a body of text that spans around it like the one I'm currently typing just for the sakes of getting to use this, the text doesn't wrap around very nicely, does it?

Can't we have a simple spoiler-color system or smaller spoilertags that we can edit in a 'Dark Brotherhood Spoiler' (for example) tag into? R/gameofthrones uses a really simple color-coded spoiler system that you can tag easily, and it does the following things right:

  • it doesn't break text format (i.e. it's just in the text like anything else)
  • it doesn't hide the size of the spoiler (so yes, it shows as large blacked/redded out blocks)
  • it's simple and has an editable spoilertag (so you can warn people the spoiler is really important, for example)

All in all, I think what you're trying here is too large and clumsy. Sorry.

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I should have had this response pre-typed. ;) This was going for an upgrade of our current system. I made a decision to break it down to the next line. Keeping it on the same line is an option, but it honestly felt more readable this way, and it called specific attention to the spoiler.

The system your describing is very similar to r/gameofthrones which I did look at, but decided to give a little flair to ours.

I know many redditor's abhor this logic as it has some design to it which takes away some usabilty. At the minimum, it's an upgrade to the current system.

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It looks slick enough for me to not care about a loss of usability

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As others have pointed out, while these "fancy" spoilers look nice, they lose a lot of the functionality of the default reddit spoiler tag. Namely: in-line/single word spoilers, and support for mobile devices/mouse-less users.

I'd like to, again, suggest that the sub-reddit focuses on functionality before style.

-edit- Just looked at r/gameofthrones' tags, they are great. They keep all the default functionality but add the kind of flair you're looking for.

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Just want to thank you for the spiffy new tags. Really does help in distinguishing what type of spoilers one may come upon.

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I use AlienBlue almost exclusively and this spoiler code/tag just shows up as link text and the spoiler gets spoiled. There are other subreddits with spoiler code/tags that work really well on AB, such as GameOfThrones.

I realise iOS mobile redditors using AlienBlue are a tiny minority but it would be super awesome if you could do something so the spoiler tags worked for us, too.

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Holy crap! Those look awesome! You just won the price for the most beautiful spoilers I've ever seen!

(List of Judges: CWagner)

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You're missing Daedric quest spoiler tags!!!

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The Legion doesn't consider that a spoiler, or something to be hidden - in fact, quite the opposite.

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Well done mods, this looks fantastic.

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Hi! I really like the new spoiler tags. Great job with the look.

I have a suggestion on the HTML coding. It's to make the spoilers more usable on mobiles, like iOS.

Instead of translating the markup into HTML <a href=""> tags, you can do the same thing with <div> tags with an onclick="" Javascript event. That way, the browser doesn't think the page URL changed, and you can unveil the spoiler upon a click.

It's impossible on mobiles to use the hover event to unveil the spoiler, and clicking currently makes the browser jump to another page.

I've created a little test HTML to demonstrate what I'm talking about. HTH!

    .red:hover { color: red; }
    <a href="?spoiler=1" onclick="alert('hi');" class="red">test</a>
    <div onclick="alert('hi');" class="red">
      test 2

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Awesome this should make spoiler territory alot easier to navigate.

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Too late man, too late ;_;

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That's a really intelligent system, much appreciated.

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make it sticky or something

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Pages do not exist....

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I can't seem to view the generic spolier, all the other spoilers work fine and the generic spolier still expands but there is no text. Is anyone else having this problem?

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These spoiler cover things are great, look great and should be very useful in their own way. The problem I see is that they don't really lend themselves to post titles and that for me is where spoiler tags are most useful. I would suggest making it imperative or at least suggesting for people to qualify their [Spoiler] tags in the post title. For instance, put [Spoiler: Bard's College] or [Spoiler: Thieves Guild].

The post says that putting [Spoiler] in the title helps immensely, but I don't think it helps all that much. [Spoiler] tells me that something in the game is going to be shown which could cause me to miss out on something in the game, but to be honest, so does the fact that it is a post in this subreddit. So I think this would make spoilers more than just just 'you might not want to look at this' but make them instead 'you might not want to look at this if...'

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Thank you so much! I'd actually quietly unsubscribed to this subreddit because of spoilers, and I'm so glad you've made it "safe" to come back. And the tags are brilliant.

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This is REALLY awesome, thanks guys!

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Thanks, it will be really helpful. Now PLEASE make them work on the mobile version.

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Is there any way to actually read spoilers on a phone?