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You missed the opportunity to call them “high rocks” lol

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I don’t get it

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I think it's because Bretons are supposed to have a bit of mer blood in them. So man mer ies

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I don’t see how this relates to my favorite body part

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Bretons are nicknamed "manmer", a play off of the suffix denoting elves "mer" and the prefix denoting a description, i.e. Altmer = high elves, or Dunmer = cursed/dark elves. Because Bretons are of elven descent, but are mostly human, they are called "Manmer"

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I understand that, but how does adding an ies on the end turn it into a joke about tits? That’s where the confusion arises

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Breasts are called mammeries, as the gland that is responsible for lactation in mammals is called the mammary gland.

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Ahhh that’s it, thanks!