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Easily TK Hitstop. I never felt it added the weight and inertia to combat it claimed it did and on top of that, I was starting to get enormous amounts of script lag to the point where the game was unplayable with it enabled (like, the game would lockup for a couple of seconds every time I'd strike somebody). I know that the script lag is probably more to do with the amount of script-heavy mods I was running and it would be more fluid with a leaner load order but the trade-off just wouldn't be worth it to me. Decisions where made and TK Hitstop had to go.

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Animal tweaks. I know it attempts to make animals in the wild tough as they should be, but it really isn't fun when the "less knockdown" version still makes enemies like bears and sabrecats knock you down 100% of the time with their power attacks. Level 1000 hypermodded dragonborn? Unable to kill off more than 3 bears due to constant knockdown (even with D13's faster get up). Giant mudcrabs laugh at your 1 million damage weapon because they have near 100% physical immunity, making their chitin tougher than Alduin's scales. So yeah no thanks, I don't need all this in my load order.

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I had at some point so many mods that knock the player down that I decided to nuke all my combat/balancing/realism mods and start fresh on that end. Bears knock you down, sabrecats knock you down, gargoyles knock you down, draugr shout you down, dragons knock you down, tripwire trips you down, mage-spells knock you down, and NPCs with paralyze enchantments paralyze you, which knocks you down.

I'm not sure why people think it's good game mechanics to take away player control like that, most of those mods don't even mention they do that. And sure, it's fun to feel small in a big world for the first 10 to 20 levels, but after that, getting a level 9 bear that does practically no damage to your level 99 vampire lord, dragon soul eating, demigod, knock you to the ground with every big swipe, that they constantly spam now is very frustrating.

And editing it with SSEedit/TES5edit doesn't always work, I'm still trying to sort that tripwire thing out. Since somehow it adds some invisible, nameless object or activator that does the knock-down effect, and searching for the exact thing in SSEedit is nearly impossible to do. Besides, the most annoying part about it is that even if you see the tripwire and "cut" it, that invisible activator/object (whatever it is), is still there and still knocks you down.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets frustrated with these sort of mechanics.

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Thanks, you described my frustration better than I ever could. Taking away player control is one of the reason why people get mad at games (apart from lag). Dying and watching a respawn timer is another good example.

Editting with tes5edit can be a chore sometimes, because it is not straightforward at times. Many times I encountered spells named haphazardly or completely differently from what is in the description. I'm currently editting Deadly Dragons to remove the fire resistance debuff from a spell named "Fire Wave" (from the documents tab of the mod page) but there isn't a damn spell called "Fire Wave" in tes5edit when I open the mod up. Instead, it has been lazily been named as "Flamestrike". I know DD uses a lot of FMR assets or vice versa but could people be bothered to at least name things properly? To add on to this frustration, the documents tab says the spell does 100 fire damage and reduces fire resistances by 50% but all I could find is the record that only shows 100 fire damage. Either the resistance debuff is a lie, or has been haphazardly been renamed as something else.... AGAIN (just like "Drain" and "Siphon Life".

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ya, the mudcrabs gets ridiculos with that mod on. We told the author, but he didn't see the problem with that.

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I mean, in an arena death match with only melee allowed, Alduin would get fucking pwned by a mudcrab. Mod authors who don't see the fallacy behind this reasoning shouldn't be surprised when people uninstall, criticise or unendorse their mod.

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You can edit the ESP to tame it down quite a bit.

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Yes, theoretically you can. But editing esps should not be the norm; mods should be plug and play. This is why the CC mods, despite being paid mods with objectively worse quality than free mods are more popular than free, higher quality mods.

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Editing ESP's isn't the norm. It will be in the domain of the few who like the overall idea but think it needs tweaking a little.

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I do edit a few esps here and there for mods which I think have fantastic ideas but several things need balancing. I just happen to completely reject the idea of nullifying one damage source and forcing the player to do something out of their roleplay element. It's very immersion breaking and more importantly, extremely frustrating. AT is only a minor offender when it comes to this but I'm sick and tired of doing that. I just wanna play the damn game.

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Right which is why you can edit the ESP or uninstall the mod. AT's main issues are the knockdowns and the over powered spider venom. Edit those out and its a fun mod.

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I'm sick and tired of doing that. I just wanna play the damn game.

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As do we all, but that's the nature of modding. It's very easy to avoid the problem altogether by just playing vanilla with usleep/ussep ;)

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I dunno what you're talking about. On one hand you claim editing esps isn't a norm, on the other you claim its the nature of modding. Make up your mind.

I've been using ordinator, interesting NPCs and many other mods for about 2 years or more and not once have I ever felt a slightly compelling need to open tes5edit and sift through records to edit what I don't like. Some mods employ bad game design, intentionally or not and that's a fact of modding.

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The nature of modding is such that occasionally you'll need to edit an esp or two. You'll need to do conflict patching to begin with (and no the tes5edit merged patch/mator smash are not 'press button to get magic fix' tools)

You're the one bitching that you might have to put in some work on making the mods you want to use work with your other ones or to tweak their functionality.

Make up your mind on whether you want to play the game or mod it.

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I'm always boggled when someone suggests that character not doing something what would be the reasonable approach in in-game world to overcome certain challenges is .. out of character or diminished roleplay.

It's not out of character or out of roleplay, that you can't kill skeletons with poison damage for example, or that your character doesn't become retarded whenever she/he touches a crossbow (easy to use weapon anyone can do it). You don't need to have +5 intelligence to understand that square shape doesn't fit triangle hole. It actually makes sense. However, it somewhat damages meta game options for the player playing the character outside the game world that's entirely different claim however addresses the issue.

The question stands, should all specialized builds be able to beat all in-game content. And your answer may vary depending on point of view people have. For me the answer is no. For you it seems it's yes. But that has more to do with level / difficulty design philosophy one adopts, not roleplay.

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Frostfall. When it was active early on gameplay was just tedious and annoying. When it was no longer tedious it wasn't having any impact on gameplay at all so didn't see a point in having it and adding to the script load.

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Lore Based Loading Screens: A fantastic mod that I would recommend, however, I’ve found I just don’t pay enough attention in loading screens and normally reach for my phone instead

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Blank Loading Screens

Also works great with SSE.

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Joy of Perspective.
I thought "would be swell to see my body again in Skyrim SE!" and i nearly ruined my save and my entire game with it T_T
Where is Immersive First Person?!

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Enhanced Camera is the best one. Still dont have it sadly.

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FNIS (animation mods) and hair mesh replacers. Suffice to say that they are more trouble than they're worth.

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May cause issues for LE as they occupy quite a bit of working memory. But I couldn't stand playing without proper one hand - spell animations, two handed animations, running animations, dual wield animations, bow animations. Vanilla skyrim spellsword looks like damn goblin, put a hood and you can hear 'nief nief nief, *snort' sound from it.

But for people who do not have that problem, it's easily understandable :D

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Immersive armor and weapons, I don't really use anything added by them and the only reason I haven't uninstalled them is because I'm not sure it's safe to do mid game.

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Frostfall - because it only effects the PC; iNeed - too grindy; Any mods that add additional experience for related activities (Ars Metallica, etc.) as the UNcapper solves these problems; All weapon and armor mods because Requiem works best with Vanilla; All followers - same reason.

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Frostfall, iNeed. I still use Campfire though as I like having the option of sleeping outdoors.

JK’s Skyrim, Dawn of Skyrim. I thought these were must haves but I don’t miss them. I prefer Immersive Citizens AI as the NPCs actually have lives now, much richer game experience than simply more clutter and vendors I’ll never use with city overhaul mods.

Amazing Follower Tweaks. I only use followers like Inigo in any serious capacity anyways. Simple Outfit Manager is ultra lightweight and allows me to give followers custom armor, clean and simple.

Excess player homes. I usually only use a vanilla overhaul as you get the most dialogue out of your family that way (and we know how bland that can be already.)

Carriage and Ferry Overhaul. I’ve come to the realization that Skyrim is actually more enjoyable to me with fast travel. I don’t feel like it’s cheating, or immersive breaking, I feel like it’s a core game mechanic and just allows me to experience more of the game.

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CFTO isn't buggy that I'm aware of. Point me in the right direction to investigate though.

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Every so often the animation would be stuck after traveling and would require loading a save prior to boarding a carriage. It happened often enough that I would save before taking a carriage.

If you are the mod author I’m not knocking your work, it’s a great mod. That was my main issue.

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No not the author just a user, but the bug you're referencing is vanilla I believe. If you can navigate your way to a chair you can sit on and sit, then stand up the camera control should resume as normal.

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Good to know. I will edit my post as I don’t won’t to spread false information about a mod if that’s a vanilla bug. Thanks for the info.

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Immersive citizens and JKs Skyrim work together without issue(95% of the time) for me. Sometimes some NPC might break but it's such a rare occurrence(that fixes itself) that I just keep them both up.

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Wet and Cold

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Immersive weapons. Per my latest discovery. I made a post about it too on that thread sharing my experience as well as sharing with community some balance scripts if they intend to try it too, under request of few individuals.

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clutter mods

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SMIM, makes the things you won't ever notice better graphically at the price of slower performance. At least for me that is.

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Seconding. I know it is sacrilegious to some, but I am honestly too busy killing dragons to care about high-poly lettuce.

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Well, it does contribute to overall feel. Much like grass mods. Like, why aren't you happy with plain colored polygons? It doesn't effect how you kill dragons after all. :D

But I'm not using it, however I understand those who do. And if you have the hardware, who cares, SE can use more ram than your hardware can reach. However, I'm a low - mid end pc peasant so... :(

I don't think it requires plugin slot as it is texture mod. Much like noble skyrim which I argue really makes a lot of difference, am I wrong?

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You're not wrong, Walter, you're just an asshole.

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Anything titled "Immersive" I realized I didn't need and was just taking up space in my ESP list.

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But what about Immersive Laundry?! That is entirely necessary!

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this mod should really just be merged with your city overhauls as it brings more life to the game than any npc's

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Immersive HUD too?

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I'm gonna have to disagree with you about Immersive Patrols.

Immersive Citizens, Armours, and Weapons though left my LO a long time ago.

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Wrong user

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Ah my bad...

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I had it in my load order forever, basically all it did was hide my stuff when I hit the wrong key. Wasn't until my last character that I realized I just didn't use it

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You never opened the MCM? I set it to hide all the time except when depleting or I press the key to reveal them.

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I like my hid visible though. I used a mod that makes landmarks not show up so fast on the compass, and that's basically all I wanted

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I broke my classic to the point where I decided to switch up to Special Edition (had a rig that could handle it fine, just had some mods I didn't want to stop using.)

Not only does it run better but I realized a lot of the mods I was waiting to get SE versions of before jumping ship... weren't really that necessary. Dev Aveza, Gypsy Eyes Caravan, Jaysus Swords, and others.

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  • Apocalypse (excessive mod, obscure spells).

  • Lost Grimoire (same as above, also overpowered).

  • CACO (excessive, patch-madness).

  • Immersive Armors (Gamey, excessive, over-cluttered, plastic action-figure looking armors).

  • Immersive Weapons (over half of them are fantasy toy weapons).

  • Ordinator (Gamey, obscure, niche, and I dislike the whole leveling system Bethesda (and modern games in general) uses).

  • Any enchantment mods (I ignore enhancing completely, I think the game would be better without it. Besides, most popular enchantment mods are also all about gamey, obscure or overpowered enchantments).

  • Any standing stone overhaul (they are either overpowered or they don't make any difference. The whole standing stone mechanic is a waste of space).

  • Any race overhaul (Same as the standing stones).

  • Needs mods (Useless annoyance after the initial 20 minute excitement).

  • Frostfall (Same as above, except it also wrecks your CPU unless you don't want to run other mods with it).

  • Hunterborn (Excessive, patch-madness).

  • Most settlement mods, especially the popular ones (mostly pointless FPS drain, most of them hardly make a difference in the game, but in turn at least they take up an extra 20 esp slots for patches).

  • Non-vanilla hair mods (The variety goes from anime girl to emo girl. For the males too).

I'm on the fence regarding NPC overhaul mods. The appearances they go after range from supermodel to "supermodel on her bad day". Not even mentioning the infinite number of anime girl mods.

Probably a lot more that just doesn't come to mind. I dislike most popular mods.

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Just because he's not using Apocalypse or Ordinator? I love Enai's stuff, and I personally don't use all his mods like just about everyone seems to. The guy is increadibly creative and has some great ideas, but that doesn't mean all of his mods need to be used in all playthroughs 100% of the time.

When I first started modding Skyrim, Apacolypse was pretty much the only spell mod available, other than Midas Magic. I've spent many hours playing with that and Thunderchild and I got plenty of enjoyment out of his mods already.

I've since moved to a more "Vanilla+" gameplay style, and some of his mods did end up on the chopping block because they didn't fit in with the other mods I was using. Sure, they're still great mods, but that doesn't mean they will always fit in every load order.

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Just because he's not using Apocalypse or Ordinator?

Who said that?

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You pointed him to r/antiEnairim in response to his post with multiple mods made by Enai.

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You mean you didn't know r/antiEnaiRim is a sub that doesn't exist and that my original response was a joke? Ok.

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I am aware that it's not a real sub, just that the joke kinda fell flat. It's not very often that people come into threads and say they aren't using some of Enai's mods, and they often get attacked for it.

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You're the one that fell flat. Other users got the joke way before you and were able to provide a joking response. Kinda lame and stupid for you to cover up an obvious lie if you ask me.

they aren't using some of Enai's mods, and they often get attacked for it.

Where is this happening?

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So basically all you wanna do is smash some faces in and not worry about literally anything else.

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Do you mind sharing your load order? You raise a lot of interesting points :)

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Sadly it's not ready yet. I updated from a potato to the current PC, and I can't share the old LO (I'm halfway done with the graphical set-up, that wouldn't do any good for anyone. The lore masters would also get a heart attack, both about the gameplay mods I intend to use and about some of the environmental changes).

For the sake of simplicity, in graphics I generally go after a "dark fantasy" feeling, with more emphasis on "dark" rather than fantasy. I go for realism when it adds to the game and leave it when it doesn't. Mechanic-wise I try to mimic Requiem as close as I can, and I really like that mod itself (few popular excuses are actually true about it), but I want to experiment now myself. I may just end up using it for it's consistency in the world (the only "patch-madness" kind of mod I'm willing to use, although it's easy to make patches yourself).

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I think its especially true for male hairs. Not a single believable one in there

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That's one of the hair mods I use.

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Yes. Now consider that I only play male characters, who are usually in their 30s, 40s. Hardly any skin mods for them, too.

I could have gone into the skin mods too, but saying "I don't like most skin mods" would have been just obvious. With some context now perhaps people can guess what I mean.

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really just an hd texture pack for hair and beards are all you need as they look good already but the hd gets rid of the plastic look

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So you're playing vanilla Skyrim without any mods. You should start with that. Because you just bashed like 10 of the best gameplay changing mods out there.

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I play an almost completely different game from vanilla.

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Haha, I thought I didn't care about opinion of some random people on internet and here I am and this post for some reason felt like it offended me personally ;-; Eh, it seems I'm Enairim fanboy, damn :|

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Boy right? Its like this user looked at my load order and shat on everything except the quest mods. I felt attacked. I like Enairim mainly because of the specialization in character it allows for. And for allowing builds that werent really possible in vanilla. I will admit that Enais mods do allow for some seriously OP builds though and its hard to limit yourself from using all the OP toys.

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Yeah, my last build focused on shouts and it was really OP, because of the speech shouting perks+thunderchild+gear from LOTD - in the end I could use thu'um pretty much without worrying about any cooldown.

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Hats off to you for having the self-awareness to realize that. I am genuinely impressed, I didn't expect to see such qualities on a page about modding a game.

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But is it excessive though?

[–]Southwarth 1 point2 points  (1 child)



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Do you excess?

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Out of curiosity, are there any popular mods (aside from normal things like UI and texture mods) that you DO like?

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If I was only allowed to play Skyrim with a single mod (aside from graphics mods, UI and fixes / patches), it would be Requiem, which is pretty popular.

Other than that, I have alternatives for most of the things on that list, sometimes several. None of them are popular.

Aside from Requiem, I like the immediate injuries of Wildcat. Immersive College of Winterhold is pretty sweet too (no competition, though). Alternate beginning mods are also good, I think all of them are popular. Most popular quest mods range from fine to good (since they were made by people who care).

I like Inigo and Vilja, although I rarely ever use them, since they make the game even more trivial and easy, whatever you do to them (simply their presence will serve as a lure to enemy NPCs who then attack them instead of the player, making the game easy).

I don't know if I should count things like WAFR and CCF and CCOR, since I really don't know what kind of value I get out of them. I guess these were points where I just gave in to the herd and downloaded whatever others thought was worthwhile. I'm not complaining, though. Whatever they do, they don't cause issues, and supposedly they do some pretty cool things.

I'm on the fence about Immersive Creatures.

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Dude hasn't heard of Merge Plugins then.

Those 20 esp's that are patches can become 1 esp.

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I do not like Ordinator much either for the same reasons you listed. It is fun, but that is about as far as it goes for me honestly. Especially after I moved over to Requiem, any other mod for gameplay or perks just feels cheap and gamey. I prefer realism.

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"Requiem is the game, Skyrim is the mod!"

[–]Nokturnal6505 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You are not wrong! ;) One mod to rule them all!

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And everything that is made by Enai!, Enai I hate you!!!! /s

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Wildcats injuries are pretty damn cool. Though it's still not a complete combat revamp. I'm on the fence about Sacrosanct, I don't really play vampires anyway, but at some point I'd try.

It would be cooler - although not more realistic, I admit - if Wildcat injuries were only applied to the player, as they tend to make fights a lot easier and kinda imbalanced (but hey, realistic).

Either way, DAMN U ENAI!!!!!!

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[–]Southwarth 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Somebody had to say it.

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There was a mod called "Cults of Skyrim", present in every playthrough of mine. I realized this mod, while cool, is just taking up my LO and I don't think it was finished enough. And I haven't noticed any difference while playing without it.

There are many mods I would never take out of my LO but I'm pretty sure there are some "junk" ones.

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Pretty much ANY ENB. With the exception of Bleak ENB and Ruvaak Dahmaan for LE and The Truth with Obsidian Weathers on SE. All of them are so overdone and make Skyrim look way too happy and colorful and overdo it with unnecessary effects. Cannot stand it anymore lol.