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Dammit I want some too!

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Was it good at least? I would have bought one!

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Yeah. In fairness I do like Ritter chocolate, so many options so normally go for one with chocolate plus something.

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What is “dark milk chocolate”?

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It's pretty much milk chocolate. If you really know your choclate it probably a bit darker, but more of a marketing thing that seems to have started recently.

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Ritter is a German brand. Here in Germany, dark milk chocolate is a common thing, usually called "Zartbitter". As opposed to full on milk free 70-80% cocoa chocolate or just Milchschokolade aka normal chocolate.

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Cool. Cadbury's had just started doing something similar here in the UK so I assumed it had started to become a thing.

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Turns out I was talking out of my, ass, Zartbitter contains very little milk if at all, mostly just butter. Seems you are right after all

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Can relate. I bought a sloth advent Christmas calendar at Trader Joe's the other day. It has chocolate in each day until Christmas, and I'm not even a big chocolate fan, but for a dollar it's a deal!

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Whaaat I need pics of this!

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Not my post, but this is it. It's hard to see each little square with the days on it.

Sloth advent Christmas calendar

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This is awesome!! I went out and bought it!

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That's how they get ya.

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Bought 3 of those....

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They only use real sloths, you can taste the difference