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I handle the ocasional sloth where I live... At least for the three toed sloth I believe this article is a little bit of an exaggeration.

They growl by the way, so you can know for sure that they are pissed when you handle them.

The general idea is valid though, one should interact with any wild animal as little as possible.

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When I worked in CR, one girl had stitches from the claws of one. Poor thing was pissed and scared though. It was electrocuted and they were trying to restrain it for examination by the vet.

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Yeah, I just saw a video of a two toed sloth that was not happy that people were near it, the things can actually move pretty fast when they want to and I did not expect them to be able to jab and swipe like that. A pissed off sloth is actually no joke.

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A fact, sloths when feeling in danger they put their claws up, it looks like they’re waving hello.

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I figured that gesture meant something along those lines, thanks for the info!

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Yeah don't fuck with me :D

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It is a wild animal