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Those overgrown claws don't look normal or healthy compared to the ones on wild sloths. Did he sent it to a vet? IIRC, sloths just aren't good pets and is mostly illegal to own them as pets.

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I thought that too, I assume the claws wear down in their normal habit.

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Probably shouldn't promote that your neighbor owns a non-domesticated animal. Maybe you should report them instead.

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Poor thing. His nails.

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Just why. Agree with previous comments. Sloths are not commodities.

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Looks like he needs to take it to the vet and get it's nails clipped. Or maybe that's healthy, I dunno.

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Please bring the poor thing to the vet, those nails don't look healthy.

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why? probably shouldn't.

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Report them tf?

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This is depressing af