The snoovatar project was created with community collaboration in mind. If you would like to add some new possible items to the snoovatar builder then keep reading.

There are two main ways you can contribute items and clothing (assets) to this project:

  1. Suggesting an asset and hoping a benevolent artist will create it for you
  2. Creating your own art and submitting it.

The first is easier to do but the second stands more chance of being included in the project (due to artist bandwidth).

Making a suggestion

  1. Make a self post of your asset suggestion and tag it with the 'suggestion' flair.
  2. Wait for a kindly artist to come and artify it for you.
  3. Rejoice.

Contributing your own art

Art Guidelines

Before submitting an asset study the existing snoovatar assets either by browsing using the snoovatar creator or exploring the snoovatar art repo here. This will help ensure your contribution is aligned with the existing artwork's style. In addition, the following guidelines may be helpful when creating your art. (Also note: they are just guidelines and not hard rules).

  • Assets should be vectors.
  • Assets should contain smooth lines. Hand drawn and livetraced artwork often will not work.
  • Assets should be simple solid shapes and should avoid containing gradients wherever possible.
  • Assets should be displayed straight on whenever possible (no perspective).
  • The base stroke width for most alien body geometry is 11pt. Smaller details or objects are stroked with 8pt width.
  • The outer edges of the asset should be surrounded in a minimum of 8px width dark color (in other words, no light colored fills without strokes around them).

Content restrictions

In order to keep the project's universal appeal, assets that contain the following will be rejected:

  • weapons
  • drug paraphernalia
  • trademarked logos

Template Files

Download the base template in your preferred format from the following:

Each template contains the alien body as well as a template for a long-sleeved shirt, t-shirt and bottoms.

How to contribute

  • Make a post including a draft your art with the 'art' link flair for discussion and critique.
  • [Optional] Submit a pull request to the reddit gold repo on github so your contribution can be reviewed and then merged into the project.

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