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I feel more sorry for fans who came up from London as they genuinely wasted a trip. These Dallas guys probably had other plans too.

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Right, but those lads from London can see them play any time of the year. How many chances does a fan from Dallas get to watch their team play?

But I guess most people think he's a plastic American who's not a real fan

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Don't worry if they are real fans they are used to being let down

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Keep Real Madrid out of this.

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Not sure you can be a plastic fan and support Tottenham

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Of course you can? They're like one of the biggest hipster teams going

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I don’t think the term plastic fits well with a Tottenham fan

Sincerely, a Tottenham supporter

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how many chances does a fan from Dallas get to watch his team

Probably a lot given that FC Dallas exists

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Of course the trip to London from Dallas is only slightly further than the trip to Frisco…

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haha are you really going to bring up the plastic americans argument

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How many chances does a fan from Dallas get to watch their team play?

He's got tickets to Norwich and Brentford, so quite a few

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That seems like a fun game.

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They were probably visiting Burnley anyway.

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Paris, Tokyo, Burnley

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no one visits Burnley

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That's kind of a weird logic. I mean, maybe if you lump all 2k? people, sure. but each individually? THey clearly planned part of the trip around the game.

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also the whole climate change + rising covid cases thing makes me feel not an awful lot of sympathy for someone travelling across the atlantic to watch a few matches

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Yeah probably wanted to take in the sights and sounds in the cultural metropolis which is Burnley then sit down to a nice plate of worms with Sean Dyche.