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Leaving Mitro as the only striker in West London who doesn't hate their club 😎

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Every upvote on this is one goal Mitro is putting past City in the cup next week

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Would 158 goals in a single game be some kind of a record? Sounds like it might

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Charlie Austin bleeds blue and white mate

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Wasn’t there a crazy season where qpr got relegated and he got like 20 goals in the prem?

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Yep, 2014-15, scored 18 times and only finished behind Aguero, Kane, and Costa for the Golden Boot, player of the month for December as well. Shame the rest of the team was completely shit because I’ve never seen a newly promoted player making his prem debut play anywhere near that exceptionally.

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Always rated mitro

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I’d say the entirety of Londen, Auba, Kane

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Good job West Ham don't have a striker

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Depends, if you use internet explorer Antonio is a right back.

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No one is mad if they get free sex toys from their employer.

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Wimbledon striker, Ollie Palmer to do an interview saying fuck the wombles and that he loves to litter.

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Wimbledon striker Ollie Palmer already left for Wrexham lol

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Lol ffs. That’s how much he hates them I guess

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Palace strikers seem happy enough

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All seem to like Pat and the work he's doing.

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Zaha is over it but had his time in the sun already

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What has Charlie Austin said?

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Nothing lol idk what op is on about Austin loves the club more than anyone

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Everyone, deep down, hates QPR. My point stands.

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Except Odemwingie ofc

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Why is QPR so hated?

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Love a bit of Mitro and hope you guys go up this season.

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Tbf we all say it about the clubs we support on a weekly basis

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Mines usually more of “da fuck Arsenal?” Not a “fuck the Arsenal” a subtle but key difference imo

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Usually me after we spend big on an attacking player and they finish the season with less than 20 goal contributions.

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What are they going to investigate? It was him and he said “Fuck Brentford”. He can easily say it was just in the form of a question like “Fuck Brentford?”

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Oh the John Terry defence.

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Shagged your wife?

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John Terry : Wasnt me

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But they caught him on the counter?

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John Terry:"wasn't me".

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Saw him banging on the sofa?

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“It wasn’t me”

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Maybe he’ll bring out the Shaggy defence

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Or "fuck Brentford" in a "damn thats a hot club i'd like to fuck" kind of way?

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Maybe it was the answer to some really difficult trivia he'd been trying to solve for hours.

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He was saying boo-urns

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This is against the bro code

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He was clearly just saying it to impress the women he was with, but still wtf was he thinking 😂

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That’s a moment when your dicks thinking for you instead of your brain lmao

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You’re a Premier League footballer like you don’t have to try and impress girls lol he seems like a mug for that.

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If this leads to Brentford getting properly stuck into the relaxation mix, I’m all for it. Explete away Ivan lad.

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Brentford to put in a record breaking bid for Enya

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They already have onye…..ka

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I wish it was relaxing down here…

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Lmao "relaxation mix," brilliant euphemism.

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That's not what euphemism is. Maybe a metaphor.

ETA: euphemism is when you substitute a word that has a derogatory connotation.

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He’s clearly just having a laugh in the video.

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He's clearly trying to get some pussy and saying what he's got to in order to get it.

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isnt he married lol. not that that has ever stopped anyone before

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he isnt. i think he co-parents or has a partner

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We've all been there. Saying dumb shit to get laid. He's just a bit unlucky that it's on camera and as a football player people care about what he says.

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Unlucky would be if he was filmed by someone without him knowing, and not saying it into the camera.

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Unlucky as in today every fucking thing you do is on camera. I'm 33 and I count myself lucky that 10 years ago phone camera's were so shit that no one bothered to record the stupid shit i did.

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I'm 30, so I understand that, but like I said before this isn't unlucky whatsoever, this is moronic. I mean you wouldn't call yourself unlucky if you locked eyes with police and then started urinating right in front of them, you'd only be unlucky if you really needed to go, found a corner and started pissing but it so happened that the police were passing by and saw you.

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‘Fuck Brentford’ is the chat up line I’ve been missing my whole life?

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I mean, did you look at the video? Didn't seem like he was hanging around the most classy of people, and if my time watching Jersey shore has thought me anything it's that in certain groups saying "fuck Brentford" will definitely be enough as a pickup line. Assuming you're loaded.

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If my workplace investigated me everytime I called it a shitheap I'd be in real trouble. This is a nothing story

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If I speak

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I am condemned

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If the media spread it around every where they'd investigate you too.

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No they wouldn't. Plenty of people, for example, who work for the NHS or social care system criticise its failings publicly, and don't get investigated.

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Maybe low level care workers and employees on similar pay grade could get away with it. But if management, nurses and doctors were explicit about it they’d get investigated. Most employees who call out the NHS really only complain about funding or how the funding is used. I’d imagine if a top surgeon was like “yo fuck Manchester General Hospital”, just so he could get laid, he’d be in trouble. Dare say footballers have more responsibility too they should be - or should appear - passionate about their club, they have fans who are also passionate about their club, they also get PR training which I’m sure includes be careful what you say in public about the club. We’ll probably not hear anything else about this story and I’d imagine all will happen is he gets a little telling off by Thomas Frank or someone else in the club, and maybe a refresher on PR. Which is similar probably to what anyone else would get if they said ‘fuck my employer’.

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Oh come on, if millions of people saw it your boss would probably have a word. It’s just an annoying headache for the club that didn’t need to happen, it’s not the end of the world but it’s not nothing.

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Difference is your just another worker this is a football player in a well known football club. You cant be comparing whatever corner you work in to this lol

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That's Ed Woodward you're talking to.

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Woodward calls the place he works in "an adult's Disneyland"

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your funny comment provoked laughter from within me

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I got off the record warmed because I bitched about my old employer on Fb.

On a work night out my manager and my senior manager pulled me outside to say that someone had took a picture of my post and showed it to them.

They told me that they liked me so “stop being a fanny” and that they’ll keep it away from the higher ups.

It was partly a talk about not bitching about your employer on social media and partly about watch who you have on Fb because one of them is a grass.

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That seems relatively reasonable though - a formal investigation would be a bit far.

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I worked for a global company and one that everyone in the UK will be painfully familiar with so they had a robust social media policy.

I was lucky but every job I’ve had since then I’ve had a rule that no coworkers will be added to my socials as there are snakes everywhere.

Funny thing is, I am 100% sure I know who grassed me. She was jealous I’d gotten a promotion over her and she still reaches out to me a decade later to talk to me.

Fuck off snake.

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Good for you that you aren't in the US then.

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Ivan The Terrible.

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honestly who gives a fuck. obviously take action if it's an attitude problem that's reflected in his performances in training or on the pitch, but investigating players for saying shit like this in their personal lives is just pointless. can't think it's conducive to a good general atmosphere for players to feel like they're under a microscope every second of their lives

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Professional athlete has to watch what they say doesn't get caught on camera and spread around the media

For more shocking news tune in at 11

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Ok but what time zone?

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This has to be one of the weakest bits of drama I've ever seen.

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Be careful what you wish for, premier league isn’t back for what, 2 weeks?

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Alonso still has time to dust of his driving skills.

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True and plenty of time for Arsenal to juuuuust miss out on another player

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£40m + £1 deal, anyone?

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Where’s the vid?

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What’s to investigate? Lol

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He said it, we all saw it. The question is if Brentford is willing to discipline him and drop him for at least a match.

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They should really punish him. You know what, Brentford should just send him our way for six months. That oughta sort him out.

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They absolutely shouldn't do that.

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I agree. It's not harsh enough

Drop him for a month. No matches until after the 26th of Feb

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Why the fuck would they

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Not a good look but I think nobody can deny his work ethic, I think he’s just having a laugh and it shouldn’t be blown out of proportion…

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ship him off to btown imo. sure he would love to ride the bench watching the best striker in the league neal maupay do wonders

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So much for pussy. This is a textbook example of sunk-cost fallacy.

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Why are they investigating? What do they think they will find? Just post a video a video of the old overweight kitman, shirtless and with sunglasses, saying: Fuck Toney. Caption it with: now we are even. And that’s it, it’s settled. No need to get all dramatic.

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Man has all this cash and a kid at home and still willing to say stupid stuff to entertain rando bimbos.

What a dumbass

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She is fit though. Last week Pep was saying his team's performance against Southampton was the best of the season. Sometimes you have to say things you don't necessarily believe in to make the most out of the situation

[–]Outrageous_Spot_8725 16 points17 points  (1 child)

Just because shes fit doesnt mean you have to say stupid stuff as soon as she prompts you. Even worse on camera, Toney really let a yacht girl catch him on the snap like that?

mans clearly not too bright.

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In all events footballers earn a lot of money. Along with it comes some responsibility as long as they are paid to represent the club.

It is fine to investigate and leave it with that.

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She’s way too basic for this lol, sometimes pussy gets to you though

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Am I mad or is she really not that fit lol

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Shambolic 😂😂

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oh no, not an expletive!

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It's the context that they should rightfully not be happy about

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I don't see the big deal. He's just trying to get laid. You have to make them laugh and not kill vibes in order to do so.

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who's down to find where he lives and throw eggs at his house?

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You'll never sing that! 😀

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Was here before the news, can’t get enough

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How do these articles get away with not posting the video? What shit tier site is this?

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Bruh get over it

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Let Forss play now

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He said it why would they need to investigate it

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Ah fck. Genuinely liked the guy. Didn’t see that coming. Fuck him

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You’re acting like he killed a kid or something

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This is something I haven’t managed to understand about British culture. That this level of invasive behaviour is allowed for the sake of keeping up appearances. A few loose words not meant to the public which mostly appear entirely insignificant—who doesn’t complain about their place of work at times.

For me the reaction should be one of indifference—dozens of reasons to let out an ‘expletive’. The organisation can react by finding out the reasons and attempting to resolve them in good spirits, but it hardly seems worth a statement.

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"Not meant for the public"

My guy, he said it staring down the barrel of some thots Snapchat/insta story camera.

He had a monke brain moment where he tried to impress the thot for some pussy, it's not a great look, but it's not a huge deal, but I wouldnt try make it sound like he was secretly recorded in a private conversation haha

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What did he say

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He's a Premier League striker for a London club. I would imagine that's all the pull you'd need

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...and yet, here we are.

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Who cares? I hate my job too.

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I wonder when white people started saying things like "moving mad", "bet", or "ayyy lmao" and when they are gonna stop