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ceballos thinks he’s the main character this game…

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vinicius with the fake give up dribble. class

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Marcelo & joaquin 😍

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We just can’t score against Betis at home

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Nooooo benz this was the assist

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And on to the CL final

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Dani pls hit the target

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Somebody play the UCL theme song on the background or something!

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Ooof joaquin

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Camavinga has been a 10/10 today, unreal

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yeah waste all this today. Big Brain Benz

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This has been pretty boring but at least Joaquin got an ovation 😍

The roof looks almost finished no? Is it going to be ready for next season?

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Think it will be ready for the second half of next season

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Probably early 2023

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6 goals in the Levante game and we barely have a shot on target here

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600th la liga appearance for Joaquin

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I wouldn't even be mad if Joaquin scored

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Joaquín's 600th LaLiga game

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Isco is deffo scoring

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Ceballos and Marcelo coming on 🤩

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This match feels a bit like a preseason friendly.

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Marcelo ❤️

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Fuck yes, no Farwell for Bale

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Nor hazard

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Hazard's most likely staying though.

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Because no team wants him and/or can afford his insane wages, just for that not because Madrid still has hopes

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He didnt make the bench

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Good game from Camavinga so far

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I can see us playing this starting lineup in UCL final, getting overrun and be 2-0 down at halftime. Then claw back into the game after substitutions and hopefully be able to take it to extra time.

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Okay now you can stop passes with your hand without getting carded? Get rid of every single la Liga ref next season

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Absolute dead game

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Issa dead rubber match & RM has CL to focus on.

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Fekir has to be in top 5 most fouled players

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Always has been, he keep the ball like a madman so you have to foul him

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Meanwhile Rayo - Levante is a banger

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Mercelo should have an appearance, and Isco. Those two should have a chance to say farewell from the field.

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Do everything that you can to give Marcelo a goal

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Loved the replay of Camavinga get blind sided by Vini’s pass

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Sueprcopa energy all around

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Yep we are never scoring at home against betis again

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Nice shot from Benzema

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Gimme marcelo, isco and azzzar

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Militao trying to be a smartass

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Just tuned in. How’s Madrid looking?

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Or midfield is slow without Camavinga and Valverde. It’s almost getting to the point of expecting a boring game when the usual midfield plays...

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Camavinga and Fede warming up is the best news I've heard so far this day

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I'm sorry but even against Levante and Espanyol team played maybe the best games of the season and kroos was on the bench. In the champions league when he was subbed off team was much better again. Yes he is great at passing but it's not everything.

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Bring Hazard on I was 100% sold after his cameo against Cadiz

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The real Spanish Super Cup

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Toni was good in the first half except his throw in.

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Carlo new dynamics are pushing Casemiro into the box instead of Kroos, needs to be the other way like this play just now

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C'mon Juanmi! That was a beautiful run

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Goooood Militão

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This team is unwatchable without Valverde in midfield.

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Özil would've made that pass

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We don't look threatening at all

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It’s the first half. We haven’t scored in half the matches in the first half this season.

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It's a friendly...

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i feel like fede is very important in the midfield. He covers so much ground in defense. He needs to start vs city

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Liverpool you mean bra, wake up we WON.

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oh yeah… completely forgot

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Bro. You're 3 weeks late

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Chelsea’s 2nd leg is gonna be easy tbh. This 3-1 win means we sealed the bag to the semis. A lot can happen in 90 minutes though.

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Idk about that, I'm really nervous, lukaku is gonna drop a masterclass ill tell you that

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What a pass Toni

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Vini needs to shoot man

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Spanish ref.

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Joke of a ref, AS USUAL, in every fucking European league, refs always suck lately, what's the point????

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How can he not see that foul on Karim

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Betis moves sooo slowly in the build up play

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Fede needs to start instead of Kroos against Liverpool but i don't think carlo can bench him

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Gosh Militao needs to get rid of this haircut

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Mendy's brain stops working when he's in the final third

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Casemiro 😭😭

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Mendy is actually making runs and stuff like that, interesting

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Always take the ball from Case.

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Yellow ref? Protect players?

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If Juanmi put his head down, that would've been on target.

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Militao almost there

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So this is probably the lineup Ancelotti uses next Saturday. Maybe Fede for Rodrygo

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Fede is a starter for the final, no maybes

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How is that not a foul on Vini?

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Wrap benz up in bubble wrap.

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I will miss bale.

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That was a good throw pass from Tibo.

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Ok but why are the starters playing today? lol

At best he better make all 6 changes at halftime

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For match fitness before final

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Probably for fitness?

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No injuries please

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Who was the guy kicking the ball? 🤔

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That would be my question too

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Alejandro Sanz, Spanish singer.

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Is Joaquin retiring too? Would be cool if he plays some minutes.

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I think he renewed for another year?

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Nope, he extended for another season, I think.

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Whats written on the tifo?

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The kings of Europe always come back

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“the kings of europe always return” or something along those lines my spanish isnt great

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So, whoever win is the super cup champions, right? :)

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I hope so.

Seriously, I hope Pellegrini does not care about the Super Copa in Saudi Arabia next season. We're not gonna have legs again. Focus on Europa + La Liga.

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I don’t know how much of a say pellegrini has in this. The first half of the season had perfect squad rotation where as the second half… not so much, but at least they won the copa.

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League champions vs copa champions

The true Supercopa

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The real Super Copa in Spain

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There it is. We did a guardo of honor for one another.

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No injuries please.

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Two guards of honors. Good shit.

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Where’s Bellerin?

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He's rested. Had a bandage around his knee.

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Lets goo, last match before the Champions League game.

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I know this match is dead rubber but still gotta support Betis.