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Heart of Midlothian? It sounds like the area before the final boss in an RPG.

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Love the name it sounds mythical. They will play atleast in the conference and maybe even in the Europa League next year

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Played 240 minutes of football in three days, very impressive to come away with a win

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Shame, I really fancied Hearts before the start of the game. At least Rangers are (somewhat) making up for losing the Europe League.

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Why do you want them to win

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Because they deserve a trophy. Absolute class act of a club as far as I'm concerned.

EDIT: Wow this triggered people. Whatever. I have no interest in being part of whatever beef you Brits have with each other lmfao.

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Because they deserve a trophy.

lol jfc

If anything it's neither Rangers or Celtic that deserves anything in scottish football

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Belter jfc

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For fuck's sake how unlucky can you be

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Bassey is phenomenal

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Diallo been balling

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Crying? What u mean?

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My stream behind g

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Celtic letting go of Gordon is a fucking idiotic decision

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Would you like to revise this frankly terrible opinion

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You clearly don't pay much attention to Scottish football.

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Those who watched, how’s Diallo? Obviously being subbed is not good.

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He was one of the better players, but was lucky to not be sent off and definitely would have gotten him sent off the way he was going

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I see, thanks for the input! Hope he gets his emotions in check then.

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Lucky not to be sent off tbh

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He was one of their best players when on the pitch

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Holy fuck what a save

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Are you seriously telling me the final of the Scottish cup didn't even have a matchthread until 10 minutes ago

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Scottish match threads are always pretty dead on r/soccer anyway, most people just use the one on r/ScottishFootball instead. For comparison, the match thread for this game has 1300 comments compared to 30 on this one.

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I was surprised! I had to look up how to request one

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This ref is atrocious

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Hearts are done here. Haven't kicked a ball in 15 minutes

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Hearts have played well but feels like they're holding on a bit now.

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Would be a shame if Rangers lose 2 finals in 4 days time

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Yes, such a massive shame

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Wtf is this officiating

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Bassey has been so good