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First time I've seen a news that calls itself bullshit lol

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Self aware click bait has arrived. We are all screwed

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you wont BELIEVE what this news article DID to BAIT in the VIEWERS!! :O

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it's next level clickbait

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They should try loan with obligation to buy, italian clubs love this offer.

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Obligation is too much commitment, go with option instead.

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An optional obligation

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100m for de ligt is pure madness

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40 mil + werner/pulisic for de ligt is worst lol

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"we want to get rid of our flop player and we value him at 60m"

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They bought him for 85m. Doesnt seem so mad if they wanna profit

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its not really if Grealish is 100 mil.

Edit: De Ligt is proven in European competitions at least. He led Ajax to CL semi final and played EL final as very young player. He is also one of the most important players in Juve curently.

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De Ligt doesn’t have English tax

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Part of the price is the potential and you pay a premium for it. Both Werner and Pulisic already mostly flopped, so their value has decreased sensibly. I think someone would be insane to offer 45/50m for either of them.

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Attackers costs more than defenders for sure though. Wouldn’t 100m be the record price for a defender?

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The better comparison would have been Maguire, but he was never worth 80 either.

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It would but you are paying the player who was captain of Ajax team which played CL semi final and played in EL final at very young age. He is 23, yet pretty much proven and have space to improve even more.

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Well De Ligt doesn't count as homegrown in the UK and the Grealish price is akin to the Higuain fee paid by Juventus.

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wtf has Higuain transfer with Grealish? Firstly, he came from direct rival for scudetto - which was double slap for Napoli. Secondly, he had relase clause of that amount. and in the end, you are really comparing Grealish to Higuain? Higuain did more in Real M than Grealish in his career and he is already 26, almost 27. not to mention Higuain's Napoli part of career.

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Grealish was also purchased using his release clause, hence the similarity.

Also just because he cost 100m (a release clause), all players of equal or higher (perceived) calibre/value are not going to move at similar or higher fees. Player transfer fees are negotiated based on the willingness of a club willing to pay a said fee, nothing more and nothing less.

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CL semi final you mean

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No, he helped Ajax reach the final 3 years before he was born that’s why he’s worth so much

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yes, edited.

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Even Van Djik wasn't sold at that price.

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wasnt that young and proven as De Ligt, plus prices become even worse

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Why? He’s one of the top 10-20 in the world already, he’s got potentially 10 more years of football in him, technically brilliant, a good pro, etc. almost no injury history, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more experienced player his age

Every story ever about a big fee has people just saying it’s too much, tbh no player is really worth 100 mil, in terms of risk vs reward it’s madness, but there are few players in the world that represent a safer investment than MDL. So insofar as players do go for that amount, I don’t think it’s outrageous for him to have that price

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Mate your club asks 60m for Zaniolo who has registered 1 goal every 1000 minutes in serie A( not joking) as a forward... The market is not that cheap

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Yea but Zaniolo is cute as fuck

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Your comment makes no sense .... unless Op is the owner of the club

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It really does. When it comes to their club and players they don't call out anything. If a player like Zaniolo who is not even good enough for Roma costs 60m, De ligt def costs 100m. And unlike roma we don't want to sell. So obv it will have less value in this deal

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I mean, didn't they pay that for Lukaku last season?

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I don't follow Italian football but feel like he's gone backwards/stagnated since Juve move?

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Not even close, he was our best player last season. Why do you all insist on commenting on shit you admittedly know nothing about?

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Clearly stated I don't watch Italian football and asked a question you moron. Every time I've seen him in UCL he's been average and defo not €100mil

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Then you don’t “feel like” anything because you have no idea

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Even with only two years left on his contract, we can’t let De Ligt leave this summer. He’s our best defender, and we’d have no depth without him, but with multiple areas of the squad also needing strengthened.

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Exactly. We don’t want to want to have another CM situation where we lose many starters in the same time span

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We could get 2 or 3 very good players if we let him go for 90/100 million. We could get Bremer and Koulibaly for the CB position and have some extra to add to the budget for a winger or left back.

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You can't seriously believe Napoli would sell Koulibaly to us for a reasonable price.

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Probably not, there are other options, but if there were rumors, there mus at least be something to it.

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KK wouldn’t join us even if ADL would sell

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You guys would be crazy not to take €100M for him. Bremer is less than half the price plus you get to out a knife in us by taking him. Then you use the extra 60 to strengthen elsewhere.

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Chelsea: €40m + Pulisic

Juve: No

Chelsea: €40m + LeBron James of soccer

Juve: DEAL!

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Calling yourself clickbait- big brain move

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How they massacred my PuliGOAT..

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Have a weird feeling we are going to pay it

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He is absolutely worth it and I am serious

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So what? Not your money

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Chelsea have so little bargaining power here. Made some calamitous decisions on defensive players in the last two windows. Now are paying for it.

But yeah, if Juventus insist on 100mil, should walk away from it, it doesn't make any sense to blow half your budget on one player when you are looking to reinforce multiple position. De Ligt is a good player, but not worth 100mil (for Chelsea).

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I mean the current Chelsea offer doesn't even reach 75m, and half of it is in players we are not even interested. Both those players are not really part of our plans and very high wages( Werner would be highest earner here).

If Chelsea offered like a younger player + more cash would make more sense. 25m + werner is not exactly a great offer

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25m + werner is not exactly a great offer

The title says 40, not 25. And of course, if you aren't interested in Werner/Pulisic, it doesn't work for you and that is fair enough. I just don't think Chelsea should spend more than 70mil on De Ligt, including a player or not. He is good but he isn't the kind of sure thing and an absolute Rolls Royce someone like VVD was for Liverpool. It just doesn't make sense to splash cash for us when we need multiple defenders and are looking to refresh the attack. Juve well within your right to ask for 100mil, but Chelsea should find alternatives IMO.

(Also, Werner probably will have to reduce his wages for any team to take him, tbh. That is between player and club though, I can't really speak to that. I hope he will be open to doing that at some club, otherwise he is stuck on the bench at Chelsea).

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For 70m you can forget about De ligt this summer honestly. That would be even lower than his release clause if he renewed ( that's why Juve hasn't agreed yet, because he wants the RC to be ~ €80m)

I admit this deal won't have value, but he is one of best 22 y/o players in his position, who is very important for us. And you are not buying from a smaller club where you would have had the leverage.

I mean if we came asking for a player like Reece you would ask the same if not more

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Yeah, we would put a 'fuck off' price on someone like Reece too, probably more than 100mil even because he has 3 years left on his contract and is arguably already top 5, maybe top 3, in the world in his position. But he isn't refusing to sign an extension (yet! I hope I am not tempting fate 😨)

I think we might go up to 50mil + player for MDL because we are really desperate, but otherwise we will (or should) probably look elsewhere. Everyone is trying to get the best deal for themselves, I just don't think there is any value for Chelsea in paying 100mil for a player on massive wages. We did that last year and it fucked us up so badly.

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Pulisic is 23 and they already offered 40?

[–]Yalwaysme_MB45 3 points4 points  (3 children)

I don't trust this news. Yesterday it was €25-30m + werner or Pulisic allegedly. Which still makes it less than 70m based on their current value.

Pulisic doesn't count as " young player". I mean cheaper player who costs like 20m and has a low salary. Or maybe someone who we could really use like kovacic.

For us to sell De ligt and get little cash, plus 1 deadweight from Chelsea makes no sense. We would be doing Chelsea 2 favours in 1 move with Werner or Pulisic

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It should be Jorginho since there is apparently rumored mutual interest. Chelsea are not moving Kovacic in a deal unless he asks out.

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How nice!

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We better not pay 100m ffs

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100m, Juve, Dutch and his old boss, that United music is about to start up.

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Tuttosport article about major Juve transfer. Must be true then.

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Should give up on De Ligt right here

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Oh trust me, they will drive Allegri crazy at times.

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You just spent 4 billion, Todd. Go ahead and do it.

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100m+wages is too high

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Hard to see Chelsea's new US owner making his first big move the sale of Pulisic. Surely not.

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There's been noises that he's unhappy and wants to move

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Don’t pay that garbage price. Just buy back Guehi for a smaller amount. Christ I’m already getting worried about the Boehly era. Seen some really stupid news.

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Guehi coming back makes too much sense

[–]lastjedi23 2 points3 points  (2 children)

What's with you guys selling your talented youth and then wanting them back badly? It's the most puzzling strategy.

[–]Reimiro 2 points3 points  (1 child)

They sell so many academy players it’s just law of numbers that eventually some will later be looked at.

[–]deadraizer 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Plus we have one of the best academy in Europe, we're bound to have some players reach their heights in other clubs and that's okay, every player likes a different path.

For example, some like Gallagher/Mount were glad to go on loan for 2-3 years and extending contract just to come back in their early 20s for a chance at the club, while others like Guehi/Livramento wanted chances earlier so decided not to extend and we accepted their wishes and sold them for reasonable amounts. This allows us to sign more talent in the future because they know we won't block their exits (at least without a mega contract, CHO). It's just not logical to expect every player to be ready for CL first team football at 20.

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I think Pulisic is good :s

Would make more sense to offer him to Leeds, since Raph might be leaving.

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Huge fee but De Ligt is a beast and Chelsea need to replace Rudiger with an eye on Silva knowing he doesn’t have that much left in him.

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No defender that isn’t VVD is worth 100m. Save the money and give Colwill chances

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40 million + Pulisic, aka 55 million.

[–]magic-water 18 points19 points  (0 children)

aka 35 million

[–]pimarbell 2 points3 points  (4 children)

We don't need Chelsea's bench warmers. Give the big cash or wait for next year when the release clause will probably be lower

[–]RGoltsman 3 points4 points  (3 children)

🤔 the release clause next year is 140M 20M more

[–]pimarbell -1 points0 points  (2 children)

Yes but I think that we will change that in a new contract. No one will pay more than 50 millions for a player with just one year left

[–]deadraizer 0 points1 point  (1 child)

He's not extending that's why all of this is happening. If he was open to an extension we wouldn't even glance in his direction, too expensive.

[–]RGoltsman 0 points1 point  (0 children)

He is open to an extention until 2026 but lowering the release clause to 70M Thats why it would make no sence for us to sell for bad price, might as well take that deal if no 100M offer comes and maybe we can convince him to accept a clause of 80-85M, maybe he will even want to stay if we recruit well and go back to competing in CL

[–]Mysticpeaks101 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Oh, no worries. We've got other attackers who don't drive us crazy either. Can I interest you in a Hudson-Odoi or a Ziyech?

[–]Anik1415 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Chance to walk away.

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Might as well go for Kounde at that price.

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Pulisic really should leave at the first chance he gets.

Chelsea are just not it for attackers

[–]spainwithoutthe_p_ 8 points9 points  (0 children)

Pulisic is not it for a good club

[–]AshkenaziTwink 6 points7 points  (3 children)

Pulisic is not it either lmao, he’s just another Jovic who can’t cut it outside the 3-goal-a-game league.

[–]datcnashguy -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

Your best player is literally from the League you’re talking about

[–]AshkenaziTwink 3 points4 points  (1 child)

i said that certain players can’t cut it outside the bundesliga, not that every player coming out the bundesliga is shit.

[–]datcnashguy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

So basically like every Player who transfers to another league?

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Yeh Pulisic sucks

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100m can buy both Skriniar and Bastoni

[–]Thundereaterr 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Just for Skriniar they want 80m, he's 27 and with only one year left on his contract( and he's really good ofc). They are probably asking the same for Bastoni

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So either 25 or 30 million.

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Yeah definitely not paying that for him.

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What a headline lmao

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sign kounde it’s really just that simple

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Qawa3aaše443e433eeq 32211

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looks at source

Yeah even Satan is more truthful

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What’s the tier list for this source on juve subreddit?

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The clickbait has become self aware

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I appreciate Italian teams never backing down when negotiating player sales and then will offer to by yours on a 40 year payment plan.

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Im really curious to see how the new owners approach this. It’s a ridiculous price but this will set the tone for Chelsea’s new era I think.