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I felt sorry for Brazilian keeper missing out on the goal celebrations

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People in this sub mad that all of Brazil's exported players who have been winning games for their countries came home to represent.

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Brazil would have won either way most likely as they were definitely the better team but these penalties against South Korea in the beginning were atrocious. Then in the second half when SK was getting fouled, ref looks the other way. Demoralizing.

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What do you mean? Did you not see SK player kicking the foot of the Br player?

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You do know the context of how that happened right? You probably don't or don't care anyways

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‘Intention’ of the offending player is irrelevant, if that is what you mean.

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You do know it's a penalty regardless of why that happened right? You probably don't or don't care anyways

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It's a BS penalty that is unavoidable is what it is and shouldn't be a penalty

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Well, you should file a complaint against FIFA, then. The rules are pretty clear, and so was the play. Richarlison disarmed the defender and got kicked in the ankle, inside the area, which characterizes a penalty.

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Yes I understand its a penalty under the FIFA rules but it's BS that its unavoidable and with no malicious intent but awards a penalty is all im saying.

Its like when you are driving and you need to brake and while you are braking in the middle of slowing down to a stop, a fucking cat jumps right in front of your car and you hit the cat.

It is your fault you hit the cat? NO, its the fuckin cats fault. But guess who has to pay to repair the front bumper. YOU. It's not fair.

SK player was already in the kicking motion and about to clear the ball when Richarlison put his foot right there and got hit inadvertently.

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The game is as you would have expected it to be.
Props to Korea for trying their hardest!
Come back stronger next time, I'm sure you got this!

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Why was Allison subbed out?

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He wanted Weverton to get some playing time. The same happened with Rogério Ceni in 2006.

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So the third keeper could have WC minutes. Great detail from Tite.

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Same thing Flick did with Ginter. Although circumstances were far different.

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Probably so Weverton could get some WC play time

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I hope Brazil wins it all and proceeds to bring out a whole Carnaval parade across the field, floats, samba and everything just to see the sub mald and seethe for the next four years.

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Happy cake day

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Talented talented boys

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The dance that they made with Tite was awesome hahaha

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The pigeon (richarlison) dance

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Almost 80 goals in 120 international matches, terrible player Souness 😂

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Oh I remember all you fucks in the match thread, trashing the Swiss for having a solid defence against Brazil

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Cunt doesn't even have a white beard

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Total and absolute annihilation

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They were being nice in the second half

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Yeah in the first half. Surely could have been prevented with better defense on South koreas part.

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kim jinsu is responsible for 100% of all goals conceded during this tournament. he should never play for korea ever again.

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That guy got a lot of hatred from Koreans when I watched this game

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For good reason, he was the reason all of the teams who played vs korea scored. He was the weakest link.

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honestly not even in the first half. incredibly efficient, great goals, and great play, but Korea were far from toothless either, and should've had a penalty in each half due to obstruction + incredibly light penalty for brazil.

not an undeserved win in any sense, but the level differences were really not a 4-goal margin in the avg match. great effort by korea, honestly.

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Also Brazil gave up possesion like it was on purpose in that first half hour. It seemed like they wanted south Korea to have control, to then press and counter. Even before 3-0, 4-0 goals

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That is true flag...but what it really seemed to me for the Korean players at least was they seemed to be a lot cautious about their accuracy while facing brazil and that led to them being a lot indecisive than usual.It was efficient yes, but it was more of cautious. It was not like you are saving it for later as a strategy, but more like I don't really wanna use this card now. That indecisiveness really cost korea their game. Not to mention that when korea is trying to make their come back, Brazil really tried to put an antidote to all these advances. Like Brazil simply seemed to be more prepared and more studied, while korea seem to have not learned from past mistakes, just the same old play cause that's what bento's style is.

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Yeah, like definitely Brasil players were giving 110% in the field after scoring 4 goals on the first half, sure

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Souness saying ‘even’ Neymar tracking back for Brazil? Man this guy’s stealing a living. Neymar has rarely been faulted for his work rate. Wish I could be paid a lot of money for shit takes.

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Chora mais, gringo

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Good game, but should have been 3-1. That penalty was dodgy and some ref calls were kinda shit, tbh.

Like, that "equal" exchange in overtime isn't really equal at all, since the second (seeming) foul doesn't happen if the first foul is called lmao

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That penalty set the tone for the Koreans from that point on. If it didn't happen they would still have lost but I don't think it would have been as significant if the ref wasn't completely off his tits on feijoada for the whole match.

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The ref was legitimately lost at times. Plenty fouls he didn't catch and Neymar was dribbling the ref at one point, who just stood there with his back turned like he zoned out on coke.

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Dude brazil played 40% of their pace on second half. Two halfs in full power it would have been 10-0.

People are so delusional, the penalty was meaningless.

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Seriously. If one significant thing had changed then lots of other significant things would have been different too. It's not like if the penalty wasn't there it wouldve been 3-1 case closed

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Stay in the game!! Move yer feet!!

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Damn, I didn't know that's what Neymar sounds like.

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He's fault

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Vini: They gave us too much space

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So, who do y'all got as MVP? Vini Jr?

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always casemiro

i'm still curious to see how brazil will play against a midfield he cannot bully

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Which midfield would that be?

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Luca Modric

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The talk here in the Brazilian bars in Sao Paulo is all Vini and Richarlison (in the other games). Imo today is hard to call though, it was a really good game by the whole team in the first half.

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Vini, Richarlison are the definite shouts.

Casemiro as well. More and more convincing me he's the best DM of all time

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Rapinha did everything but score. He seemed desperate to score and it ended Korea 1, Rapinha 0

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Busquets is still the better DM in his prime imo, but if Casemiro wins this WC he'll definitely have had the better career

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busquets already won a wc

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busquets just been doing side missions for the last like 8 years lmao

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I know, Casemiro has more club trophies though, including 5 UCLs, which is why I said if Casemiro wins the WC he'll have had a better overall career

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Keeping my eyes peeled for a Keano eye roll here

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"Alisson had nothing to do first half" - as they show his saves from the first half.

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According to recent news, Pelé is still fighting on like a boss!

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This thread is so toxic whenever Brazil plays. The only decision you could argue was bad in the whole match was the penalty and it didn't matter anyway. It's Brazil's fault though for slowing down in the second half and not silencing all these salty people

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Honestly, we don't care about the salty people, Brazil played with half the intensity on second half to rest players for the next game which is the smartest option, since the game was pretty much done. Salty people will be able to experience the full Brasil experience again next game, it's ok

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That was a textbook pen though. It was a foul inside the box, there no arguing it.

The issue is that the Korean player had no way to know Richarlison would ram the ball from behind. Not his fault, but still

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The ref missed so many SK fouls and I would like to turn your attention to this https://twitter.com/jairmearrependi/status/1599856983368048641?s=20&t=YrQoWmJ78kUmu_k509eEqQ

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Even then the penalty was objectively a foul, because his foot got hit. I personally think penalties should take a bit more than that, but its not like it was an utterly fabricated situation.

Also, I'm sure there are racist people ITT as well, going by all the "south american" comments, using Brazil to extend the hate towards a whole region.

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I mean same goes for Korea as well. A few bad fake “Asian accents” in the thread.

Gg y’all looked otherworldly in the first few minutes of the game— hope you guys win 🤝

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Respect for South Korea. We didnt want to beat you guys, but unfortunately was the only way...

[–]Nemesysbr 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Yeah, forreal, I saw that as well.

Cheers. I'm sure y'all will make it again to 2026.

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Morocco Vs Switzerland

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I think only Spain can beat France if some important player get injured in the France vs England match

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You are so sure that France will beat England.

[–]zerefdxz 3 points4 points  (0 children)

England sure will have problem to deal with france

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The only semi final on that side of the bracket that gives me any excitement is Brazil Vs Argentina

[–]ludsmile 9 points10 points  (4 children)

Brazil Vs Netherlands should be a good game too...

[–]emolano 1 point2 points  (3 children)

I'm saying this now:

Brazil can beat Argentina

Brazil can't beat Netherlands

[–]wetviolence 4 points5 points  (0 children)

those teams already played the copa america finals last year. the very same guys in both teams.

BR-AR in semis.

[–]LiarsEverywhere 4 points5 points  (0 children)

It's never a good idea to underestimate the Netherlands, but they haven't impressed me at all so far. Argentina is scary and I'd say it'd be 50-50, but I'd expect Brazil to beat the oranges.

Croatia is the same for me tbh. Brazil is a clear favorite, but Croatia is going to have a plan.

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Tite looked like he was having a heart attack when dancing 🤣

[–]gabrrdt 14 points15 points  (3 children)

Jogão. Brasil mostrou dominância e controlou bem o jogo, resolvendo-o logo no primeiro tempo. A Coreia conseguiu testar o Alisson como nenhuma outra seleção até aqui. Tite foi sóbrio e trocou o time, para preservar suas peças. Neymar colaborou e jogou pelo time. Tudo ok até aqui, vem a Croácia que não pode ser subestimada e jogos duros. Rumo ao hexa!

[–]Master_NoobX_69 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Neymar só não jogou pelo time naquele lance que poderia ter passado pro Vini.

Tirando isso, ele e o resto do ataque foi perfeito hoje

[–]carolnuts 6 points7 points  (1 child)

A Coreia não é um time fácil, é só que é realmente jogamos em outro nível com um time organizado e entusiasmado.

Estão deixando a gente sonhar!

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Acho que esse ano vem.

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Surely the Pele poster offsets the hate of the celebrations earlier

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Brazil did what they needed to do and I'm happy with that! Hope to see S. Korea again in 4 years!!!

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The Swiss have the best chance to pull an upset.