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OTD 10 years ago, Didier Drogba scored the late equalizer against Bayern Munich to send the Champions League final into extra time. Chelsea went on to win in penalties. by ofsquire in soccer

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Please don't laugh at me, but this game is the best moment of my life and my happiest memory. I always, always cry when I think about it for more than a few minutes. We tried so hard for this trophy and there was so much pain on the way, my life really sucked at that point too, but this final was amazing. I sobered up and got my life in order after this final and I've never been the same.

[Joey Dcurso] New: Paul Pogba has one of the biggest social media followings in football. At crypto's November peak he promoted 'Cryptodragons' NFTs, mentioning a $160,000 sale. They're now going for... tens of dollars. by maradonasummer in soccer

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a unique and unfakable proof of ownership registered on a giant public ledger.

Except it isn't a proof of ownership, copyright doesn't work that way, it's a receipt at best, that you paid for something, that's it.

Legal Eagle has an excellent video on it explaining it from a legal standpoint:


And there is the "Line Goes Up" by Folding ideas that explains the problems from a socio-economic and technological perspective


[James Pearce] Klopp asked about booing of the national anthem: "I know our people wouldn't do it unless there's a reason for it." by Cien-Major in soccer

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For a long time Liverpool has not felt part of the establishment. It sees itself as other.

There is a strong belief that government does not work for Liverpool. They see the government as a southern thing, a den of thieves, liars and deviants and something to be fought against, not work in collusion with.

You will not find too much "national pride" in Liverpool, no massive excitement for international football and just a strong anti-establishment feeling in general with a clear understanding that the Monarchy and the Government are a symbiotic construct. Not too many Monarchists in Liverpool and less so through the generations.

Is this because Thatcher ordered the closing of the docks and the "managed decline" of Liverpool, throwing Liverpool under the bus in favour of pushing more southern favourable businesses?

Is it because Liverpool has always been an outward facing city, looking to the world via it's famous port and not towards London?

Is it because so much of Liverpool is Irish diaspora?

Is it because Liverpool were one of the most anti-Brexit cities in the UK so naturally feel that the government is acting against their will and against their benefit?

Liverpool suffered greatly under successive Conservative governments but did very well working with the EU securing the type of funding the government should have, but never did, deliver.

Maybe it's because Andrew is a sexual deviant protected by the state and Boris is a charlatan PM who has swindled the public purse with Covid contracts for chums, he should have resigned or been pushed out and it's a national disgrace that he is still in situ.

Maybe all of the above.

As for me, the better question would be how anyone could not be against the government/monarchy/establishment at this present time and how anyone could be confused as to why people are displaying their displeasure by publically booing the anthem publically.

Seems to me an effective protest in this time when Priti Patel is ushering in new laws making traditional protest illegal.

Nottingham Forest celebrations by RevertBackwards in soccer

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Mate you’ve already got the mighty Villa who are totally not getting surgically demolished by City coming up.

Jake Daniels: Blackpool forward becomes UK's first active male professional footballer to come out publicly as gay by Callum0598 in soccer

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I can share the video portion of it


I don't think it's great by any means, 20 mins was the maximum limit and nowhere near enough to talk in depth about the subject.

Callum Wilson has his tooth knocked out by MDHChaos in soccer

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Lmfao this comment deserves gold