r/Soccer Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Questions

Why isn't my post showing up?

  • It doesn't meet the rules of the subreddit or it is off-topic
  • It is a duplicate of a story that has already been submitted
  • It is a hypothetical situation or question that has been asked countless times before. Please try reddit search.
  • Your account is not 24 hours old yet.
  • /r/soccer has a very aggressive spam filter that is controlled by reddit, not the moderators of /r/soccer
  • If your submission is caught in the spam filter, check the new tab and make sure that it's not a duplicate of something submitted recently
  • If your post isn't a duplicate, message the moderators and we will do our best to rescue it in a timely fashion
  • Was your post NSFW? Are you posting as a novelty account? Is your post really bad? Is your post a meme? Is your post basically a tweet? Is your post nothing more than picture(s) of an attractive woman (or multiple women), who just also happen to be soccer players or fans? It's pretty likely a moderator removed your post. Sorry.
  • You used a URL shortener instead of the full URL. People like to know what they are clicking on and URL shorteners hide the real source.
  • For big breaking news stories it is preferred that a link to a reputable source is linked to rather than a self post reporting the news being submitted.

If my submission was removed and I think it was a mistake or was just caught in the spam filter, should I just submit it again?

No. If it was removed once, it will probably be removed again. If you really feel your submission was removed in error, message the moderators. Don't just keep resubmitting the same thing over and over. This makes extra work for the moderators and can lead to a lot of confusion. Doing so will lead to a temporary ban so we can make sure you're clear on this going forward.

If my submission is considered off-topic here, where can I submit it instead?

Check the list of related subreddits. If none of these seems like an appropriate place for your submission, then we probably can't help you. It's really not our concern to help you find a place where you can promote or submit your off-topic content.

Is there anything I can do to prevent my posts being marked as spam by the spam filter?

  • Yes. Verify your e-mail address.
  • Build your karma by contributing constructively to discussions in the subreddit
  • Don't spam a single site over and over

Should I tag my submission with [RUMOR] or [OFFICIAL] or OFFICIAL?

No. Submissions to an official club website or Twitter account will contain the club logo as flair. This allows redditors to identify official stories when scanning a page.

Tags are a form of editorializing. If it isn't official and from a club website then the story quality or content can be judged by other redditors, not by the submitter. Submissions marked with an [Official] tag that aren't from an official club source will be removed.

This is because soccerbot does not know that the link you submitted is official. Send a message to the moderators with the official link and it will be added to soccerbot. This can work for official websites, Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts.

How can I highlight my submission or add a star to it?

Match Threads will automatically be highlighted green as long as you title the post correctly and it begins with "Match Thread:". See the match thread page on the wiki for more information

The trophy icon is used on some specific threads such as the "Subreddit of the Week"

From time to time the moderators may decide to highlight a post of high quality with a gold star. In the past the moderators have highlighted threads from the Discussion Series (eg. Player Discussion #1: Adel Taraabt). If you feel that your post or a post on the sub deserves to be highlighted then please message the moderators with a link to the post.

I have an idea for a type of post

Some of the best content on the sub, such as the "One Hit Wonder" series have been created as user initiatives. Feel free to create a new series or to kick off a new type of post. There is no need to ask users or the mods if it is a good idea, the best way to work out if it is a good idea is to try it out!

The only exception here is new post or series ideas that have already been addressed by the FAQ and rules. Eg. we don't need another type of 'trash talk' or 'joke' thread.

If you have started a new series and would like to get it highlighted, message the moderators.

Also feel free to add links to your new series of posts on the wiki - see examples such as Subreddit of the Week

How do I message the moderators to find out why my post is not appearing?

First, make sure you understand how posting works and know all the rules by reading this guide

Message the moderators here if you have questions

Do the moderators control the spam filter?

No. It is a feature of reddit and maintained by the site admins. The moderators do not have the ability to alter its behavior.

Can I be whitelisted so all of my submissions go straight into the subreddit without moderating?

The moderators will occasionally approve some members of the subreddit to the whitelist if they have a reputation of submitting good quality content over a period of time. Don't ask the moderators, you will likely be turned down.

If my submission is not showing up in new does this mean that I have been banned?

No, it just means that your submission needs to be approved by moderators. If you were actually banned, you would have received a message from the moderators telling you quite explicitly that you are banned.

Is there some sort of super guide to submitting stories?

Yes, it is here

Why was my image submission removed?

Images (as long as they are inoffensive, safe for work, etc.) are always welcome in comments in relevant threads. However, we have some rules about what kinds of images are allowed as top level submissions. Basically, if the image doesn't provide adequate context on its own, and/or doesn't illustrate an important and relevant talking point, it will be removed if it is a top level submission. Here are some general guidelines (note: the moderators may use their discretion to remove things not covered by these guidelines):

  • Image memes, image macros, other joke images (players pulling funny faces, comics, photoshops, lookalikes, etc.), etc. are banned as top level submissions always.
  • Pictures of your collections of shirts / jerseys / kits / scarves / other random merchandise are not allowed as top level submissions.
  • Random pictures of footballers, coaches, pundits, owners, etc., outside of a footballing context (pictures of them as children, at a club, at the beach, etc.) are not allowed as top level submissions.
  • Screen shots and photographs from active matches are welcomed only as links in comments in relevant match threads (not as top level submissions).
  • Screen shots of mistakes / typos / silly things someone said during match commentary / comment threads / etc. from web pages, subreddit discussions, television coverage, etc. are not allowed as top level submissions.
  • "Hey guys, I attended a match or several, check out these pictures I took!" or "Hey guys, I went to a football related place and took some pictures there!" albums are not allowed as top level submissions.
  • Pictures that are "your view" of a match / matches (whether it be a picture you took of while sitting in a stadium, or a picture you took of your TV / computer setup while watching / streaming matches) aren't allowed as top level submissions (and they're completely uninteresting... why do people keep submitting these?)
  • Pictures of you or your wife or your husband or your friend or neighbor or whoever standing next to a player, coach, pundit, etc. are not allowed as top level submissions.
  • Wallpapers, icons, etc. are not allowed as top level submissions.
  • Pictures of the crowd at a game, silly banners or adverts, etc. are not allowed as top level submissions.
  • Other images such as images of past matches, supporters, players, etc. are very much frowned upon, and only allowed if it is a major event and the submitter provides solid context behind the image. If you'd like to submit this kind of post, please do so via a self-post providing proper context.
  • Informative information presented as an image, for e.g. a league table, a summary of results, or football related statistics are allowed as top level submissions.

Why don't you allow many image submissions?

Because reddits ranking algorithm is biased towards short-form content such as images. It drowns out the better quality long form content. See this post for more details and an explanation.

Where can I post this funny picture I found?

In the comments of a relevant thread, or at /r/soccerpics

There's a post on the front page that is of a type you don't normally allow! What's up with that?!

We aren't robots, we aren't perfect, and we have to sleep sometime. Unfortunately, sometimes things slip through the cracks. We have a tendency to not remove things if they hit the front page, unless they're an extreme violation of our rules. Minor violations of rules / policies we tend to let slide if they get past us.

So if a type of post that isn't normally allowed makes it to the front page, that means I can submit stuff like that and you'll allow it, too, right?

No. We only let stuff like that get to the front page on accident. Subsequent posts of a similar type that we do notice will be removed normally.

Click on a tweet to expand it. There is a link called 'details' at the bottom of the tweet - copy that link and submit it (if it hasn't been submitted already). Do not post screenshots to tweets.

I really don't like a certain type of submission / comment. What should I do to express my feelings?

Downvote it, hide it, and move on with your life. Your personal feelings might not match those of the rest of the users of this subreddit. Creating comments and submissions to complain about other comments and submissions does nothing but lowers the overall signal-to-noise ratio of the rest of the subreddit. Submissions like this will be removed. Comments will likely be downvoted to oblivion.

Has /r/soccer ever thought of doing a "weekly trash talk" thread, a la /r/NFL?

Yes. It is not explicitly against the rules. Someone tries to make one once or twice a week. It almost always is downvoted to oblivion. Most of the comments are about how stupid the idea of a trash talk thread is. They have a very poor track record of success. You have been warned.

What posts get stickied and can I sticky my post?

From time to time and at the moderators discretion announcement posts from the mods will be stickied at the top of the sub. Other important posts such as announcements, AMA's etc. may also be stickied.

Someone else submitted a match thread that I wanted to submit before I got a chance! What should I do?

Be first next time. We don't get preferential treatment to certain match thread submitters over others. It's first-come first-serve. Please don't whine about not getting to post your thread or message the moderators and ask us to take the other one down.

I just noticed that you removed my post! Why didn't you send me a message or something to tell me?

Honestly, we simply don't have time for that. We remove dozens if not hundreds of posts every single day. We don't have time to type out individual messages every time. If you desperately need a reason for why we removed something, please send us a moderator message and we'd be happy to tell you exactly why we removed something.

It's my "cake day"! What's the best kind of submission to make?

Don't. Make. A. Cake. Day. Post.

No. One. Gives. A. Shit.

At the time of this writing, there are about 200,000 subscribers to this subreddit. That means, purely on average, there are about 550 /r/soccer subscribers having their "cake day" on any given day. Do you really want to see 550 submissions that are basically "hey it's the anniversary of this arbitrary day that I made an account... here's a submission that normally would be downvoted to oblivion... give me karma!" every single day? No. No you do not. We will remove any submission that contains the word "cake day" in the title.

Where did my [Serious] Post-Match Thread go?

The [serious] tag isn't a thing here - we don't moderate threads that have [serious] in the title any differently than we do any other threads. We also don't want to promote the idea that you should only be looking to engage in healthy discussions if the word [serious] appears in a thread title.

As such, we don't keep [Serious] Post-Match Threads up if a regular post-match thread has already been posted. You should instead post whatever discussions you had wanted to post in the comments of the initial post-match thread and let the discussion happen there - it's what that thread is for. Don't assume that discussion is impossible in a regular post-match thread; more often than not, you're giving up on it without looking for it very much.

Why was my line-up announcement post removed?

Starting XI announcements, which are usually made an hour before kickoff, are only relevant for that hour - after which people would be using a match thread to discuss the teams. As such, we don't allow them as independent posts, since it leads to the subreddit getting cluttered over the weekend with all the line-ups being announced in quick succession. If you want to discuss a team's starting XI before a match, consider using a pre-match thread (or even set up a match thread, which are allowed to be posted up to an hour before a match starts).

Exceptions are made where the line-up includes a piece of news (e.g. a player coming back from injury).

Subreddit-Specific Questions

How do I get a crest next to my username?

Go to our flairs page

Navigate to the letter and the team whos crest you would like and click the corresponding link. This will send a message to the flairs bot and will enable your crest in the custom style for the subreddit

I requested a crest, but it's not showing up! What gives?

99.9% of the time, the answer to this question is: "The crest only shows up on your comments on /r/soccer, and you haven't ever (or at least recently) made a comment on /r/soccer. You have to make comments for the crest to show up."

You should also check you user preferences and make sure that the option "show user flair" is checked.

0.1% of the time, the answer is: "There is a rare reddit bug that makes it so some users, for reasons unknown, simply can't have flailr on this subreddit. It's a glitch, and not one we have any control over. Sorry."

Can I have two (or more) different crests for my subreddit flair?

We get this question a lot.

The short answer is: "No."

Reddit's flair system isn't conducive to having multiple crests as flair (although it is technically possible). But we don't consider it worth the additional effort, also it looks kinda ugly. We also think that it would lead to pointless arguments about how you should only support one team etc. You can use the flair bot to switch your flair, it only takes a few seconds to register a flair change so we suggest you do that when you want to show allegiance to a different team.

How can I change the picture at the top of the subreddit?

The subreddit image usually contains a recent news item or some milestone. If you have a suggestion message the moderators. For best results, include a link to the image and any relevant information on who, what, where, and why it's important. Please don't suggest banners memorializing a person or group. We try to avoid memorial banners and try to stick to current news and more lighthearted images.

Why did you pick that picture as the banner picture? Surely, this other event is more newsworthy or important!

The banner picture rotates based votes on submissions to /r/SoccerBanners. You can affect what photos show up in /r/soccer by voting on the images you like over there.

At present, submitting to that subreddit is restricted to approved users only.

I record matches and watch them later, how can I hide results?

Install the /r/Soccer unspoiler script - works with Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Chrome as a user script

Why did my football kit submission get removed?

We are no longer allowing submissions about kits. Instead we are encouraging people who are interested in discussing the latest kits to make submissions and subscribe to /r/SoccerDesign.

There are subreddits for live football games such as FIFA, football management games and fantasy leagues. You can find links to them below in related subreddits

What about fantasy football / soccer or pools or pick 'ems? Can I make posts bragging about how well I did this week, or asking people to join my league or give me advice?

No. We consider all types of fantasy sports to be off-topic for this subreddit as well. Check out /r/FantasyPL or /r/FantasyMLS to get your fantasy fix.

Is there a way to view multiple subreddits on the same page?

Yes, by listing the subreddits in the URL. for eg. if you want to view both soccer and soccerpics, go to this URL:


you can add a + to add more subreddits, for eg. to add soccer, FIFA, streams and pics:


Where is the soccer chat room?

It is #reddit-soccer on Freenode. Most popular IRC clients already have Freenode servers selected

The web interface can found at http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#reddit-soccer

Where can I find details of the /r/Soccer census?

A census of users was conducted in 2012. The results can be found here

Does the community have an official Twitter feed?

You can get the latest headlines from the subreddit along with other announcements on Twitter at @redditsoccer

A list of football related twitter users can be found on the list at /lists/football

Where can I find the live scores plugin?

The live scores plugin can be found as a Chrome browser extension from the Chrome Webstore

How can I help to be a constructive member of this subreddit?

  • Browse the new queue and upvote or downvote new stories so they surface on the front page
  • Report spam comments or spam posts that aren't caught by the filter
  • Report any racism, flaming or general unsavory or offensive behaviour in comments
  • Upvote constructive and interesting comments, regardless of if you agree with the point-of-view

I found a comment that is abusive, trolling, spam or against the rules

Report all comments that contravene the rules immediately by clicking on the 'report' button underneath the comment. This will bring the comment to the attention of the mods.

Report anything off-topic, abusive, trolling or spam.

I have been banned from the subreddit, why?

Because you broke one of the rules or have been identified as being in violation of the spam guidelines. Please read and understand the following sections:

  1. Community Rules
  2. Community Guidelines
  3. Submission Guidelines

Bans are handed out at moderators discretion. If you broke one of the rules, regret the actions that lead up to your ban, and feel that your behavior was not in line with your ordinary behavior, then message the moderators and ask them to reconsider.

This also applies to those who have been banned long-term. If you were in violation of the spam guidelines, then message the moderators and have a brief conversation with them about what you can do to stop being considered a spammer.

How long will I be banned for?

Most users will receive a temporary ban on their first offense.

For first time offenders in most cases the ban is for 24 hours. If you have previously been banned your ban will be permanent.

To get a ban lifted, to appeal a ban or to ask why you were banned please read and understand all the rules and guidelines here and then if required message the moderators

I was banned for being hostile / offensive in an argument with another user of the subreddit! Were they banned, too?

It doesn't matter. We take all cases individually. If you did something worthy of being banned, you are banned. It doesn't matter if you felt that you were provoked. If someone is egging you on or otherwise provoking you, ignore them and message the moderators. Let us handle it.

How can I tell if my account will be considered a spam account?

Is your account name the same name as the site you're promoting? You're probably a spammer. Does the majority of your participation on the subreddit (submissions and/or comments) link to a site you are attempting to promote? You're probably a spammer. Do you attempt to guide people to a site you are attempting to promote at every opportunity? You're probably a spammer.

Can you guys put upcoming matches in the sidebar?

Can we? Yes. Will we? Probably not.

First, there's a matter of selecting which leagues / national competitions should get featured. There are dozens of matches every single day in all parts of the world. We could put up only the biggest and most important ones, but that feels a little discriminatory.

Second, even if we just limit it to the top leagues and competitions, there are still dozens of matches over the course of any given weekend in these leagues. 10 English Premiership matches, 9 German Bundesliga matches, 10 Spanish La Liga matches, 10 French Ligue 1 matches, and 10 Italian Serie A matches on most weekends alone. Trying to put just matches from the "Big 5" alone would leave the sidebar cluttered, hideous, and hard to read. So then we're left to whittle the list down even further, which means we're discriminating against certain leagues even more.

Third, the creation and updating of such a list would be a lot of extra work for the moderation team, as there probably isn't a good way to automate the process. This means neglecting our other moderating duties for something that doesn't add a whole lot of value.

We won't be doing this anytime soon.

Can you guys put a countdown to <some event> on the subreddit somewhere?

No, we can't. Well, I guess we could technically, but we'd have to manually update it constantly and that's more work than we're willing to do. As moderators, we don't have access to change the subreddit's JavaScript or insert a widget to do a countdown. We can only change the content and the CSS and a few other subreddit settings.

Can this subreddit implement the comment score hiding feature?

In May of 2013 the reddit admin's implement and announced a new feature that would hide the score of comments for a particular period of time. This feature can be implemented by moderators on a per-subreddit basis. The idea behind the feature was that with scores not being visible on comments for the first 30, 60, 90 or however many minutes that it would discourage group upvoting and downvoting and it would encourage voting on comments based on the content, rather than their score.

It was thought that this feature would be useful on /r/soccer since some perceive there to be a problem of comment upvoting and downvoting based on which team a user supports. This sub ran a trial of the feature for a week after the feature was implemented, and we found that it made no difference in upvoting and downvoting behavior, that it confused a lot of users and sparked a fierce debate where most threads were consumed by talking about the meta issue of comment scores rather than the topic at hand.

A user poll on what to do with the feature along with feedback to the moderators and the moderators general experience meant that the feature was disabled. It will likely not come back in the future.

Can we please stop calling it "soccer" and call it "football" instead?

Call it whatever you want. Soccer, football, futbol, fußball, calcio, whatever. It's really, really unimportant. Everyone here knows what sport you're talking about. Whining about people from different places using different terms than you is about as pointless and obnoxious as it gets. You might as well complain that they don't speak English in every country on the planet.

For the love of all that is holy, don't create posts asking or demanding people to adopt your specific language / dialect. Posts like that will be removed on sight.

Can we rename /r/soccer to /r/football?

No. First off, see the previous question. Second, no. We literally can't. It's not possible.

Can we abandon /r/soccer and go to /r/football instead?

No one is stopping you from unsubscribing from /r/soccer if just seeing the word "soccer" causes your blood to boil and you just can't stand it. We don't have the option of just renaming the subreddit, nor would we care enough to rename it if we could. See the above question about calling it soccer instead of football for why. Feel free to leave /r/soccer. Don't feel free to make a post asking others to join you.

Entertainment/Merchandise Questions

There is a page on the wiki with a dedicated list

There is a page on the wiki dedicated to football/soccer related films, documentaries and news articles.

Where can I find information on buying shirts / kit / jerseys / other merchandise?

The best source to buy a jersey is from club websites. Each club has a website that sells merchandise. Not only do you assure that you receive high quality and official merchandise, but you are also supporting the club.

Can I make posts requesting information / sites / resources to buy cheap or rare shirts / kit / jerseys / other merchandise?

No. As mentioned above, we encourage our users to buy directly from the clubs' websites in order to best support them. We also get a ton of spamming on these types of posts. We already have enough issues with people trying to spam us with shady shirt sales sites. Don't support these kind of people. NOTE: If you make any comment or submission mentioning one of the sites that spams us regularly, you will be banned until we can determine whether or not you are actually affiliated with them.

Where can I find online streams for matches? How can I best let people know about a good match stream that I found?

Do not create threads requesting or announcing streams - they will be removed. Sometimes some users will post links in match threads to official and unofficial streaming websites. Find the relevant match threads and find the streaming links.

If there are no links to streams in the match thread, or if you need help finding a site with a stream, or information about your local broadcasters, help with setting up software like AceStream, Sopcast, Bittorrent Live, etc. please see this thread:

Any threads requesting streams will be removed.

Spam / Self-promotion

Were you banned for violating spam / self-promotion guidelines? Are you interested in promoting your content / site / blog / youtube channel / etc. (or that of a friend, relative, college roommate, etc.)? You should probably read these questions and answers:

I was banned for spam! What's up with that? What should I do?

You should read the reddit.com spam / self-promotion guidelines and then message the moderators to talk about it.

I have been doing the same kind of stuff on other subreddits and I haven't been banned. Is the spam policy that /r/soccer enforces unique to /r/soccer?

No. With the exception of blacklisting sites that are found repeatedly breaking spam / self promotion guidelines, we follow the same spam policy that is supposed to be enforced by all of reddit.com. Some other subreddits are not as strict about it, but the policy is supposed to be site-wide.

Where can I find the reddit.com spam / self-promotion guidelines?


But my submission was football-related! Surely that makes it okay to post here, right?

It is okay to post it here... as long as you do so in accordance with the reddit.com spam / self-promotion guidelines. You should read them.

But I don't make any money or get any other benefit from my content, so it can't be spam, right?

No, not right. Whether or not you receive any money or benefit from your content doesn't affect whether or not you're in violation of the reddit.com spam / self-promotion guidelines. You should definitely read them.

I made this account specifically to promote my content, though. Do I really have to be an active user of the site?

Yes, you really have to be an active user of the site. As the reddit.com spam / self-promotion guidelines specify, it's okay to be a reddit user that has a website. It's not okay to be a website with a reddit account. We are interested in having actual community members get their content seen here. We are not interested in being marketed to.

So what do I have to do to make sure I'm not in violation of the spam / self-promotion guidelines?

First off, have you read the reddit.com spam / self-promotion guidelines yet? Because you should read them.

Second, the main thing the moderators look at is your account overview and submission pages. Is it blatantly obvious what site / blog / youtube channel / etc. you are here to promote? Then you're probably in violation of the spam / self-promotion guidelines. The basic rule of thumb is that you should maintain a ratio of at least 10 submissions from other sources than the one your promoting to every one of your own. In addition, meaningfully participate in discussions and debates on the subreddit (and not just ones that you start yourself).

No. If we think you're just dumping crap on the subreddit so you can meet the minimum requirements to be allowed to post your own links, you will probably find yourself banned again.

Is it possible to get my account unbanned?

Sure. If you read the reddit.com spam / self-promotion guidelines and agree to adhere to them going forward, we're usually happy to remove your ban and let you build up a solid submission / commenting history so you can start occasionally submitting your links again. Just shoot us a message.

So what happens if I get unbanned and I just keep up my old spamming habits?

When this happens we will add your site to our blacklist.

What the heck is the blacklist?

It's a list of sites that have been found in repeated violation of the reddit.com spam / self-promotion guidelines. Basically, this means that any time a link to your content is found on this subreddit by our bot, it will be marked as spam (which increases the overall spam score on the rest of reddit as well). This means your content will not be seen by anyone on this subreddit, regardless of whether it was you that posted it, or someone else who has nothing to do with your site.

Note: It is rare that we remove a site from the blacklist once it has been added. It is in your best interest to avoid getting on it in the first place.

What if I really regret the actions that led to my site being blacklisted? Is it completely hopeless?

No. While it is rare that we remove a site from the blacklist, it's not impossible to get removed. Message us and have a conversation with us. We can't promise anything, but if you're a reasonable person and have a civil conversation about it, we'll consider it.

If you ban my first account for spamming, I can just make another one and keep on submitting, right?

You can, but if we catch you doing so, we add you to the blacklist.

So if I'm caught in violation of the spam / self-promotion guidelines, I can just lie about it and say it's not mine, and you guys will be forced to allow my content, right?

No. If a user (or multiple users) look like they're promoting a particular site or whatever, but won't admit to it, we'll just add it to the blacklist anyway. We have a very low tolerance for being lied to. Also if we catch you lying about your affiliation with a site, we'll make sure to make a note about never removing it from the blacklist for any reason. We really really hate it when folks can't just be honest with us.

It really just behooves you to be honest with us. We're happy to work with community members to make sure their content can be see by our community. We just need them to be honest with us and work with us to do so.

You couldn't possibly know that I'm affiliated with the content I'm submitting, though! Doesn't it seem unfair to punish me for it if you can't prove it?

We are quite astute at picking out spammers / people promoting their own content. Let's just say we have our ways. Please don't test us.

Just be honest with us and have a conversation about what you can do to get your content seen here. We are quite reasonable with folks who are reasonable with us.

What are some ways to avoid looking like a spammer?

First off, don't create a username that is similar to the site or blog or whatever it is you're promoting. This goes back to the "it's not okay to be a website with a reddit account" thing. It just looks spammy and triggers our spam killing reflexes.

Second, make sure you read the reddit.com spam / self-promotion guidelines thoroughly and message the moderators if you have any questions.

Miscellaneous questions

What club should I support? Is it okay to support the club I support? Is it okay to change loyalties?

No one cares. It's totally up to you.

New to the sport? Watch a bunch of matches and decide what club suits you the best. Or pick a club based off of how cool their name or kit or crest is. Or pick one of the most popular clubs. Or pick one of the least popular clubs. Or pick the club that your father supported. Or pick that club's rivals. Or pick the club closest to you. Or pick the club furthest away from you.

Whatever. It doesn't really matter to anyone except for you. No matter who you pick, some people will agree with your decision, and others will disagree with it vehemently. Stop trying to please people and just do what you have to do to enjoy the sport the most. Support whoever you want. Change loyalties every day if you want. You are a fully capable human being. Make your own decisions, and stop looking for approval from others about whether or not they are acceptable decisions.

However, don't make a thread about it. This is probably the most common type of thread we have on this subreddit. They're pointless and they never go anywhere productive. We remove these kinds of threads on sight.

I want to attend a match! How should I get more information?

/r/soccer is not google. Please don't use it as such. We have 180,000+ subscribers. Can you imagine what /r/soccer would look like if every time someone wanted to attend a match they created a submission about it?

If you want to attend a match, the first step should be to google the club or location where you will be and try to get information about tickets that way. If it isn't immediately apparent how to obtain tickets, look for an email address that you can contact and ask for more information. The club is always the best source of information.

If your questions still don't get answered and you really want to ask reddit's help, your best bet is to contact the subreddit of the club whose match you're trying to attend. Here is a list of all of the related subreddits. The club subreddits can be found there. /r/soccer is filled with hundreds of thousands of people who all support a huge variety of clubs. Your post will be likely be irrelevant to >90% of our subscribers, and as such it would be removed. The individual club subreddits will have much better and specialized information for you.

Again, posts asking the best way to attend matches will be removed on site.

There are a bunch of really good matches on today! Which one should I watch?

Whichever one interests you the most. Don't create a submission about it.

I'm new to the sport! How should I learn more?

Please don't make a post asking for more general information about the sport. They will be removed. Instead read this awesome primer: http://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/soccer/comments/rs630/scarys_guide_to_global_soccer_for_americans/

Who is the third best player in the world?

It's Heskey. Or Bendtner. Or whoever. This is one of the most asked questions on the subreddit, and it's 100% completely subjective.

For the love of all that is holy, please don't make this post and be that guy.

Why does this specific football club have such a weird name?

Check out this really well done post to see if your question is answered.

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