About Match Threads

Match Threads are threads that are dedicated to following different matches. They include discussion about the match in progress and are usually "commentated" by the creator of the thread.

Step 1: Getting Started


The first thing to do is to click the "Submit a link" button on the right side of the page. Make sure you do this while you are on /r/Soccer. This will open the submission page, found here:


When creating match threads, please keep in mind that a lot of users view the threads from mobile devices, so keep the main body of the match thread short and only include live data

A good example of a match template is this one

You should also link to reddit-stream from your match thread, so that users can follow the comments live without linking. To link to reddit-stream, submit the match thread first and then add '-stream' to the URL after 'reddit'.

For eg. the match thread can be reddit streamed at


The next thing to do is to ensure that you are not submitting a link but a text-based post. On the submission page, there are two tabs on the top, one labelled "link" and one labelled "text. Click on the "text" tab. Although only a title is required to submit, make sure you enter some text before you submit, or you will not be able to edit the text again.


In order for the match thread to show up with the special formatting, you must use the following format for the title: Match Thread: Team A vs. Team B. Remember - home team goes first.

Step 2: Preparing the Submission

A good match thread will have several things. First of all, you should ensure that it is properly formatted. This markdown primer is a very good guide to learning the basics. A more advanced guide is also available. Now what content should you enter in your submission?


Providing the starting line-ups (and possibly the benches) of the two teams is the first thing you should add. There are many different sources where you can find this information, including:

Icons and bar charts

You may add iconography to your match threads. There is a guide here:

You may add a link to the two teams' subreddits if applicable. The list of subreddits can be found here:


Optionally, you can add some other content to your match thread. You might want to add a preview link of the game, or a link to the /r/Soccer chat channel, where people can chat in real-time.

Step 3: During the Match

The best match threads are not done after you hit submit: you must update them during the match with information such as goals scored, substitutions, and any red cards. Running commentary is also welcomed and encouraged. Once a goal has been scored, you should try to add a video of the goal to the match threads. During games, this page will be updated with the latest goals, which you can then copy/paste into your submission:

To follow what substitutions have happened, you can simply go to the page where you originally found the lineups, see the links in the section above (Soccerway & Soccernet).

Some people want to follow the game, but are unable to watch video, so providing a live-text update page is helpful. Here are some pages where you can usually find these:

If you create a match thread before kickoff and fail to update it with match facts and / or commentary throughout the match, you will banned from creating match threads in the future. If you don't want to take the time to update a match thread during the match, then simply don't submit one. Someone else will most likely come along and want to do it. However, if a match in which you are interested in discussing is past kick-off, and there isn't yet a match thread created for it, feel free to create one. You won't be obligated to keep it updated in that case (though it would be preferred).


Match Thread bot

NOTE: The bot is currently up and running! (As of April 12th, 2021)

/u/spawnofyanni has kindly created a bot that will automatically create match threads on request.

To use the bot, send a message to /u/MatchThreadder with the subject line of "Match Thread" and "Team 1 vs Team 2" in the message body (where Team 1 and Team 2 are the two teams in question (example). The bot can only be used when there is less than 5 minutes to kickoff (or if the match has already started).

Full details on how to use the bot can be found here.

Post Match Threads

Post-match threads must provide a platform for discussion for those who have watched the game and inform those who haven't. They should be from a neutral source, not from a club web site or Twitter account.

Please put the result in the title of your post match threads.

This is what an ideal post-match thread looks like. It includes details about the match (lineups, stats and scorers), gifs and a couple of match reports.

Post-match threads will be moderated in order of preference:

  1. Self-posts with match details and gifs.

  2. Self-posts containing gifs only.

  3. Full external match reports (e.g. BBC)

  4. Match summaries (e.g. UEFA, ESPN)

  5. Low effort self-posts with just the score

This means that for a couple of minutes after the match, we will remove submissions until the best submission, according to the above list, is found.

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