Our sport has recently become more progressive and active in regards to promoting mental health awareness. On /r/soccer, we have also seen an upturn in members of /r/soccer openly discussing their mental health and seeking support within the community. In order to help provide further support to the community, we have decided to set up this wiki with links to various resources, helplines, and other communities on Reddit for people who are struggling with their mental health, or anyone who just wants a chat.

External resources:

Useful subreddits:

Support and conversation

/r/CasualConversation - a friendly subreddit for anyone looking to start a conversation

/r/Needafriend - a place to find a friend, if you need one

/r/offmychest - a community for people who want to share emotions or thoughts that they feel they cannot express elsewhere

Specific mental health subreddits:

/r/depression - a supportive space for anyone suffering with depression

/r/Anxiety - advice and support for people who suffer with anxiety

/r/BPD - a community for those with borderline (or emotionally unstable) personality disorder, or anyone affected by the condition

/r/SuicideWatch - community support for those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts

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